Thursday, May 29, 2008


Before I begin about the whipped shea first let me say this: DO NOT BUY A EXILM CASIO DIGITAL CAMERA - THEY ARE USELESS!

Ok, on with the Shea.

Joanna over at the THE SOAP BAR, owner of PRODUCT BODY sent me a sample of her whipped shea. This is the stuff I had to beat my kids off of, remember that?? Well, I've been a long time fan of shea ever since I first experienced it years ago in a Bath & Body lotion. It was the only thing that helped me get rid of the dry skin on my feet. I've been buying shea ever since and using it in various concoctions at home but had never heard of or seen a "whipped" shea product. I wanted to give it a try so I googled a few recipes online, watched a couple You Tube videos, figured I knew enough and finally decided to give it a go.

I had a pound of shea in the fridge so I dumped it into the double boiler and melted it down. I put that into a bowl and my daughter Maya added the jojoba oil (we over did it but who cares, it is just an experiment. LOL!) I blended it 2 minutes then stuck into freezer for 4 minutes and on and on and on we went. Blend + freeze + Blend + freeze, until we had a whipped cream consistency. I was excited until about 3 hours later it turned into a chunk of butter type consistency - ME NO LIKE IT!! ME ACTUALLY HATE IT!!

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CREAMY PUDDING LIKE CONSISTENCY??? Besides that, it stinks! For all of you bloggers that I posted on your "favorite scent" polls that I loved Peppermint... forget that I said that. I hate peppermint. I don't know what happened to my sniffer (No Donna, I'm not pregnant) but I cannot stand the smell of peppermint EO anymore. Now I'm stuck with a chunky whipped shea that stinks like peppermint. LOL!! Well, no worries, my hard to please darling daughter Middy absolutely loves it. It made her want to shower (that is a miracle in itself) and rub it all over her body afterwards (see, everything happens for a reason). Now she's clean as a whistle and stinks like peppermint.

The moral of this story. I'm not sure, but I know one thing:

I am no JOANNA. If you want some seriously fantastic whipped shea then you gotta try her SHEA BUTTER (double whipped). And guess what, it isn't peppermint ;)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I hate hate hate this but I'm one of those poor unfortunate souls that suffers from malasma. For those who don't know what that is, it's the ugly brown spots that develop on certain areas of the face because of some crazy hormone dysfunction. Yup, I call it a "dysfunction." I noticed the brown spots appearing shortly after I had my first child. My sister-in-law had malasma while pregnant with her 3rd child and it faded after pregnancy with the help of a cream called "concha nacar." Sooooo, I used the darn cream and it didn't help. My skin kept getting worse, first on the upper lip, then on the cheek bones, then on the forehead. I started to notice that the dark spots even hurt when exposed to sunlight. I had some goofy dermatologist tell me it was sun damage. NOT POSSIBLE! Dorky guy, I'm not a sun worshipper. LOL! Anyway... Long story shorter - It isn't going away. I've done the research and this stuff is here to stay. I have options like Level 3 chemical peels, NOT HAPPENING TO THIS FACE, NOOO WAY! I've decided to try my own concoctions. Next step, LOTS OF LEMONS. If anyone has any tips on what can naturally lighten the skin please send them my way. I'm an experiment about to happen.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


PRODUCT BODY thats what. I ordered some products from my blogging friend Joaanna over at THE SOAP BAR BLOG and I must say - if your reading this Joanna - I'm so pleased with the fact that your product arrived in world record time. That is some seriously fast shipping! I couldn't believe it when the package came to my door. I LOOOOOOOVE fast shipping!

I couldn't wait to smell it. LOL! Yes, I'm a fragrance junkie. It smells sooooo good. Joanna also sent me some samples of her other products and I'm now in love with the champagne fragrance. I plan on trying the samples this evening in shower and after shower. LOL! The cream is perfect, just what I wanted. I ordered the SHEA BUTTER INFUSED CREAM and I love how silky smooth it is. I have to keep beating my kids off so they don't use it all up (don't worry, I don't really beat them. LOL!!)

My 8 year old Middy wanted to have her picture taken with the goodies so here she is modeling for you all. Yup, there is one sample missing, that's because it is in my purse (yup, that champagne whipped shea). We all sampled it and I had to hide it from my kids.

Thank you Joanna for the lovely products!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Since the move into the new home I haven't really gotten back into the old routine. 90% of that is a really good thing but 10% is sorta sad. I miss blogging and I miss my blogging buddies. Now that we are finally settling in and actually beginning to make sense of the mess in our home I'll slowly be returning to blogging. I hope all my blogger friends are doing well and that their soaping or cardmaking ventures are going great! Hopefully I'll have some soap to share soon. Tonight I'm placing an order from Snowdrift Farm. They have a 10% sale going on until 11:59 p.m. YAHOOOOO!! Gotta get me some goodies :)

BTW/I have yet to blog about the soap swap and all the wonderful soaps I received. That will be my very next post. I have all the soaps together ready to be blogged about (except one because I used it - but I'll be mentioning how wonderful it is and I'll take a picture of the half used portion - Hee Hee!).