Sunday, February 8, 2009


Give blog popz to show fellow bloggers that you cares! A virtual version of the lollipops you gave in school to friends and admirers, each color represents a different theme. Buy popz from authorized candy stores, receive them from fellow bloggers, and register your pop entering to win fantastic prizes for "buying" and receiving the most popz!

To play along, visit one of the candy stores

Cool Baby Kid
The Not-So-Blog
Ohana Mama
Suzy Q Homemaker
From Dates to Diapers

Each candy store has a different kind of blog pop. Just follow the directions on their sites to "buy" your pops and then give them out to those you love, favorite, mentor, for your friends and those are you think are cute!

Then register the pops you give and recieve by filling out a form on their sites. Seven prizes will be awarded one for those who recieved the most pops in each category and for two who were the biggest popz purchasers.

So head to a candy store and get to popping!


Anonymous said...

I think I have it figured out. ;) Some days I'm slower than others.

Michelle said...

Don't worry T, it took me a while too. I couldn't figure out where the pops to give were at but they are located at the bottom of each persons store.