Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Whether you are a health conscious individual or not, the thought as to why you maintain a healthy lifestyle or why others choose to must have crossed your mind at one time or another. We all have reasons for what we choose or choose not to do.

Why does someone eat organic?
Why does someone avoid synthetic ingredients in body products?
Why do people exercise?
Why do people only eat certain types of foods?
Why are people vegans?
Why do people drink 8 glasses of water a day?
Why do people meditate?
Why do people read?
Why do people take long walks in the morning?
Why do people avoid buying products from China?

So on and so forth.

The list of questions can be endless no matter which side you are on (healthy or not).

Lately the big question with people seems to be, why try and eliminate things that COULD be bad for us when it seems like EVERYTHING is bad for us? Our food is pesticide laden, the corn you ate last night along with the soy milk you drank was genetically modified, you just planted a garden in your backyard just to learn that the soil is full of toxins, the natural lotion you bought turns out to be not natural at all and instead has a preservative in it that some say is carcinogenic. What is the answer?

Is the answer "oh well, everything will make you sick so you might as well throw your hands in the air and say forget it?"
Is the answer "no matter what you eliminate you can't eliminate everything so why bother?"
Is the answer "I feel like all of this information is just causing me and my family to be fearful so I'd rather not know?"
Is the answer "I don't know where to start, do I focus on food first or the body products? Gee, this is all so over whemling, I just can't do it?"

Maybe you recognize some of those answers as your own or belonging to others you know. It is so much easier for us to throw our hands in the air and give up because, afterall, the truth is that all of this information on chemicals in our food, water, air and body products is VERY overwhelming and VERY scary but the point of it all is ELIMINATING RISK FACTORS!

The world is toxic, there is no question about it. Our very being is polluted with numerous chemicals, unborn babies are polluted, but ask yourself how did we get here? We didn't just wake up one day and become toxic, we slowly found ourselves in this position. Unregulated industries, lobbyists, politicians, uninformed Americans, that is what brought us here. We've been at the mercy of corporations for a very very long time.

Today, with the internet, we are a much more aware society than anytime in history. It is time to turn that feeling of being overwhelmed into being grateful and the feeling of being scared into positive action. Be grateful that you are aware, be positive when you shop. Avoid the risk factors. No, you won't detoxify your body by starting to buy organic food today, you won't cleanse your soul because you've purchased an organic all natural shampoo, but you will eliminate many of the risk factors contributing to some cancers, fetal abnormalities, hormonal disorders, depression, obesity...

The industry responsible for creating chemicals and those promoting their usage want you to sit on the couch, throw your hands up in the air and feel overwhelmed. They want you to feel like you are fighting a losing battle, because if you don't feel those things than they can't win. Be the educated positive force that you are and begin now by choosing the healthier alternative so that you eliminate some health risks for yourself and reshape the future for your children and grandchildren.

I often ask people, would you accept a plate full of formaldehyde for dinner? The answer is always "NO". I ask why, and almost always they say "because it would kill me." Then I ask them why they put it on their body in the form of nail polish. They often reply, because there is such a little amount that isn't dangerous. Then I ask, how do you know it isn't dangerous?
They know because the very industry responsible for the creation of this harmful chemical has told them so. Not directly but in the way of the media (internet, television, magazines) and thanks to the lobbyists hard at work in Washington we now have politicians who have lined their pockets with large amounts of money willing to tell us it is safe too.

So the BASIC answer to the WHY questions is ELIMINATING RISK FACTORS! Do not INCREASE your risk of health problems by making your body MORE TOXIC than it already is. Keep exercising, keep searching out the foods with the least amount of pesticides, keep planting that garden because your soil is no where near as toxic as the soil the foods at the grocery store came from, keep buying the organic natural body products, keep educating yourself on the issues, keep insisting that government regulate the industries responsible for making us sick. Your body will be grateful and so will future generations!


Jennifer Young said...

I loved this post. Yes we can make a difference. Indifference would be the worst. The waterfall starts with 1 drop. You are an excellent writer and clearly passionate about making a difference in this world, helping people, being healthy and natural and sharing. THANK YOU! xo Jen

Michelle said...

Thank you Jen!

You are so sweet! It is really nice to find like-minded people on the blogosphere. I agree, the waterfall does start with one drop. It reminds me of environmentalist, how it began decades ago with one man and over time we as a society have learned to recycle, conserve water, etc... It took one person to get things going and that is why it is so important not to give up on wanting a non-toxic world.

nandasica said...

I'm so glad I met this blog. You really are an excellent writer and...uau! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Michelle said...

Thank you so much Fernanda!! I appreciate the kind words and appreciate you reading :)

Anonymous said...

Very true, M! These questions and issues are often overwhelming to people. There are days when I feel like "why bother; we're all just going to die anyway". But, that's plain, and depressingly, defeatist and I don't want to live my life that way.

Besides, it all gets easier as one goes along; just start with one thing at a time and keep adding more good things and eliminating more toxic things from your life slowly.

Thanks for your always thoughtful posts, M!

Michelle said...

Thanks T! I agree, there are days where I feel I've acquired too much knowledge about the world and I just shut down but then I remember it is all doable if taken on bit by bit. Rome wasn't built in a day :)

Our family is still slowly learning how to do things in a healthier way, as you know because you have been a great source of information. Learning about food and sustainability is where I focus now, little by little, and each year I'm amazed at how far we have come.

It is all a process and it is worth it. Through me I know my children will be just that much further ahead of the game when they are adults.