Monday, December 26, 2011


2011 was the creative, energetic sense. I've felt completely uninspired since mid summer. I thought turning 40 this year would somehow reignite my spirit but no, all energy seems to have gone wherever my muse went.

I never make New Years resolutions. I believe a person can change at any time, they don't need to save it all up for the turn of the year. If I want to change something about myself or what I'm doing I'll do it when the moment strikes. Funny though that the moment seems to be now when we're about to venture into 2012. So...I think this blog post can officially be considered my New Years Resolution post. Having it all written down for everyone to read makes me more accountable to my goals in some way.

Here are my top 10:

1. Read two books a month and share a review of one on my new "writing" blog. Stop reading 3-4 books at the same time, never really finishing one.

2. Buy that Canon and become the awesome beetographer I'd like to be(e) :D

3. Appreciate friends more. Not that I don't already appreciate my friends but I need to show it more.

4. Focus on mastering the whole knitting thing. I've been working on mittens since winter 2010 and still haven't figured out how to finish the dang thumb (and I've been shown at least 3x's). I've set that project aside numerous times but if I don't figure it out I'm going to lose my mind. YES! I tend to obsess over such things and if I don't stop that soon I'll never get anything knitted before next Christmas, which leads me to #5

5. Stop being such a perfectionist.

6. Keep working on my domestic goddess skills. (Gardening, Canning, Cooking, Beekeeping).

7. Be a better blogger. I deleted my blog and found that I really do miss the writing and also connecting with others in the blogosphere. No more talk about deleting blogs. Which leads me to...

8. Blogging on a schedule. All my posts here at Within The Hive will be about creative ventures & family. The other blog will be for writing whatever moves me. I'll have to keep the long-winded posts separate from the creative shares. I've decided I'm going to dedicate one day a week to both blogs once the holidays are over.

9. Stop making promises I won't keep. That is a big one. I'm going to become the "maybe" or "I'll think about it" person. No more using the word YES because I really hate that word.

10. Keep working on staying healthy. More exercise and staying away from animal products. I really really love cheese though and the vegan cheese doesn't melt on hot sandwhiches the way real dairy cheese does. So we'll call that one a work in progress but I have an entire year to get it right, right? :D

That's it. Nothing too complicated. Hopefully by staying a little more focussed my muse will return and I'll feel energized enough to make 2012 my most creative year yet :) I'll be back to blog after the New Year!


dixiebelle said...

Good luck with all those goals! I am only focusing on more nutritious eating in 2012, no other challenges or obligations.

SoapSudsations said...

Good for you! I too don't believe in new year's resolutions, but it does make sense to write them down for all to see as an impetus to stick to them.

As for the knitting, you will conquer those thumbs! I have to ask Teresa everytime I knit because I always forget how to do it.

I look forward to reading your blog posts on a regular basis.

Pam J. said...

I like your No. 1 resolution because it describes my reading style.

This is a great list in general. I'm going to read it again tomorrow and see which ones I'd like to borrow. I do a list every year. I've never been very successful but I figure as long as I'm TRYING to make changes I'm moving in the right direction.

Thanks for stopping by my salad post!

Teresa Robeson said...

I'm a baaaaad the heck did I miss this??

I mostly don't do resolutions, but I recall Anne-Marie saying last year about declaring intentions publicly to hold oneself accountable, which is why I started doing it last year...and continued to this year.

I like #3...I need to do that more too!

Best of luck with your resolutions!