Saturday, June 15, 2019


A few months back I purchased a new mold from Brambleberry. I was super excited not to have to line my wooden molds anymore. I decided to start with their tiny 2 lb silicone lined wooden mold to make sure I absolutely loved it first before buying the larger size and I am so glad I did because I was not happy. I ordered two silicone liners and they both fit exactly like this 🙁 Not a good fit. I didn’t bother calling BB to complain because I had waited so long to try the mold after purchasing I figured it would be a lost cause and if two liners fit exactly the same what are the chances I’d get a good replacement? So anyway, see the corners. I thought once I poured in the soap it would correct itself but it didn't. I tried using tape to stick the corners but it doesn’t work, the liner is misshapen. I got one use out of it and won’t use it again. If I want to make a 2 lb batch I will have to revert back to lining the mold with freezer paper. 

Back to my old soap molds. They produced these two beautifully shaped batches of soap 😁