January 10, 2023

Picked up Prince Harry’s book Spare today. Just started reading it and it’s really good. My mother was always fascinated by the royal family so I certainly got an earful about all thing queen and kids growing up. I was never that interested in all that crazy until Harry married Meghan and I started seeing online how horrid the public and press are towards the two of them. Here are two people trying to do good in the world through their foundation and their charitable work and yet there is no shortage of people trying to tear them down. I am rooting for their success in marriage and public service. I bought the book in part to support Harry’s right to tell his story and because I want to learn about royal life from his perspective. We’ve heard enough from the press and the miserable people on social media. 

Plus, it’s a good distraction from my own drama. Been dealing with some health issues lately that I need an escape from so this book provides that.