April 18, 2023

Next month my daughter and I will be selling our soaps and other wonderful goodies at the Shepherd's Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo. If you get a chance please come out and see us. We love visiting with our customers and friends. Keep watching the blog because once I know where we'll be stationed I'll make sure to post about it and as we get closer I'll share which soap fragrances we'll have on hand. I hope to see you there!

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April 17, 2023

I've faced many challenges in my life but dealing with a chronic health problem that has gone undiagnosed for years has been by far the most difficult. Instead of helping, 99% of doctors have just made it worse. The anxiety I struggle with on a daily basis can be debilitating which is why I see a psychologist. Not only do I have complex medical PTSD that requires EMDR therapy, I'm also dealing with debilitating symptoms and struggling to get a diagnosis.

I started seeing the psychologist to help me cope with the stress and anxiety that comes from being chronically ill and not getting the proper diagnosis so I can be successfully treated or at least helped to feel better. One of the most helpful things the psychologist suggested to me is to start journaling, especially before bed if my mind is racing. I'm no stranger to keeping a journal, I've done so on and off since I was a child, but over the past decade or so I stopped and so writing my daily thoughts again has been really therapeutic. One thing I've really been drawn to lately is journal prompts. Normally I'll write about my feelings, the weather, and anything new that may have come up in my life but I often like to get outside my own dark world for a second and be pushed into writing about something I otherwise wouldn't have thought of.  Journal prompts are really helpful for this and it keeps me from obsessing on my physical issues. 

Following are some of the prompts I've chosen over the last few months. If you enjoy journaling maybe you'll like these prompts too. 

1. I am proud of myself because...
2. If you were a feral cat, how would you spend your day?
3. On my worst days I want to remember that...
4. What 3 things (no people) that bring you the most joy?
5. My favorite memory from last year was...
6. What is the most valuable thing you've learned from life so far?
7. What is one thing you'd like to manifest this week?
8. Write about your favorite season.
9. How can I make tomorrow better than today?
10. What's something outside you are grateful for?

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April 14, 2023

My daughter and I were enjoying a walk on this beautiful day in Minnesota when we stumbled upon a pretty large owl pellet, about golf ball size. This is the first time we've found one in the wild. She dissected a few back when she was in elementary school and when I homeschooled my youngest I ordered some owl pellets for her to dissect but we've never located one outdoors. It was fun digging through to see what little bones we could find.  

Have you ever found an owl pellet in nature?

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December 26, 2022

 I've wanted this candle making kit from Bramble Berry since last Christmas. I was happily surprised when my daughter gifted it to me this year. I enjoy making candles and this kit takes all the work out finding the right wick to go with the wax and size of container. They came out beautiful!

The best part is the fragrance and eco glitter. The fragrance is heavenly and the glitter adds that bit of sparkle that every candle needs. Now I need to stock up on everything in this kit to keep making these. I'm sure that's the point of the kits, right?! They want you to love it so you keep buying more. 😂 Nice work Bramble Berry, nice work! 

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December 18, 2022

 Oh my gosh! This is the first year that Christmas has snuck up on me. I'm usually done shopping for prezzies by the last week of November and at this time I'm watching Christmas movies by the fire and nibbling on the cookies I baked, but I'm sooooo behind. I thought I had at least a week and half beforeChristmas but realized over this past weekend how wrong I was. I finally finished making my Christmas cards so hopefully they make it to everyone on time. I'm relieved I got the cards done because it's the one of the things I really enjoy doing making this time of year and I think people really love receiving them.

I'll start my shopping tomorrow.  


I did manage to decorate for Christmas the first week of November though so I'm not a total failure this year. 😀

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December 15, 2022

 Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by the winter market and bought soap or purchased my soaps through Facebook this holiday season. Your support allows me to continue doing what I love and I really appreciate it. 

Now it's time to get some Christmas shopping done. This is the first year I've not finished by December 1st. I don't know why but I keep feeling like there is so much time left but in reality it's just 9 days away!!! Time to get moving. 

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December 9, 2022

Tomorrow December 10th my daughter and I will be back at the Winter Walk in Northfield. This will be our last day before the end of the year. 

I'm still debating on whether I should open an Etsy account or a new website. I'll decide by Sunday so check back if you want to purchase any soaps for Christmas.

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