January 25, 2023


Just after sending out my Christmas letter where I told everyone how well I was doing and ready to get my soap business back on track, my health took a turn and smacked right into a brick wall. I really believed that I was done with the worst of it and able to enjoy life, but now here I am again running to numerous doctors and getting countless tests. Some days this is more mentally difficult than it is physically. Having a chronic illness can be so draining. 

For those that may not know, In 2018 my health suddenly went south. After seeing 14 doctors from a variety of specialties and also being seen at the Mayo Clinic I finally found someone to help me and I got to a point that I had quality of life back. Sure, there were bumps in the road but nothing I couldn't handle and nothing that wasn't temporary. Now I'm back to square one where I have pain and extreme food sensitivities. 

If this time around I actually get a diagnosis I'll make sure to share the whole story here in hopes of helping anyone else who may have been down a similar path as myself. Stay tuned...

in the meantime though I've got some soaps to share soon. I'll be posting them in the next few days.