Hi! My name is Michelle and this is my blog.

I started this blog in 2007 as a way to expand my soap business but as you'll see in past posts I became sidetracked with all of the other fun things in life.

A little about my background…

I've been a nature girl at heart since pretty much birth.  I spent most of my time as a small child wandering off to explore without my mothers consent until she started tying bells on my shoes to make my life difficult. After quickly learning it was time to shed the shoes (throwing them off a hill down by the train tracks) mom decided it was best to send me off to the rural parts of Minnesota to get my nature fix.  It was at my aunt and uncles place in Tenstrike, MN every summer that I learned a lot more about connecting with nature; fishing, gardening, plant identification...just living the simple life and it is there I found the freedom to explore without restrictions.  After they both passed away and other parts of life took over I travelled around a bit; did a lot of rock climbing in the Adirondacks in New York, went white water canoeing with Outward Bound along the Rio Grande in Texas, lived in Wyoming and Mexico, spent a lot of time skiing in Colorado and hanging out on beaches from California to Hawaii.  It was after I settled down with my wonderful husband and we had a children that I decided I wanted to get back to my roots.

My interest in herbs came from my great grandmother who used plants for healing and divination. My great grandmother's parents immigrated from Bohemia to Minnesota in the mid 1800's and brought much of their culture with them, which included the use of plants as medicine and in tea-leaf reading so I have been learning about herbs as far back as I can remember but began my "formal" education on the healing power of plants in 2008. I have learned from some of Minnesota's most well respected herbalists; Lise Wolff, RH (workshops) - Erin Porter, RH (workshops) - Matthew Alfs, RH (medicinal herbal certification course). I've also taken the distant learning herbal studies course with Jeanne Rose.

I've been using essential oils since the early 1990's but didn't become certified in aromatherapy until 2009. I have studied under Jodi Baglien, RA and The American College of Healthcare Sciences.

So, what you are going to find on this blog is a combination of my passion for wildlife and wild things and if you enjoy recipes for a simple life, then this blog is for you :-) Oh, and I'll also sell soap from time to time.