Me and My Soap Pixie Story

As a kid growing up I was always an eclectic spirit. I liked to explore and experiment with anything I could get my hands on. Curious by nature I was first drawn to making my own natural body products just because I didn't believe it could be done. Eventually my success at making lotions and natural perfumes lead me to making cold processed soap. In 2002 I ordered a cold processed soap making kit and made my very first batch. Everyone I knew wanted a bar so I continued to make more. I learned quickly how much people loved handmade soap so eventually I opened my first online soap shop in 2006 and then opened this blog the year after that. 

Between 2007-2010 I decided to study herbalism and aromatherapy. After I took a basic aromatherapy certification course from Jodie Baglien, RA - I enrolled in the aromatherapy diploma course at the American College of Healthcare Sciences. I then studied herbalism under Matthew Alfs, the founder of the Midwest School of Herbal Studies. I also took Jeanne Rose's distant herbal course in addition to courses taken with other local herbalists around Minnesota. 

While I enjoyed working with herbs and essential oils when making soaps I preferred using them more for family health and healing. I started using more micas and fragrance oils for my soaps because there's no limit to the designs and scents I can create and I discovered my customers enjoy that. 

After having taken a hiatus from blogging and soap selling for a few years because of some of life's challenges, I returned to both 2021. This blog is my comfy place to chat about all the things soap, plus the other things I love; family, gardening, crafting, traveling, wildlife advocacy, beekeeping, spinning fiber and just living simply. So, if you stick around for a while you'll read the ramblings of a very busy mind. 😊