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If you'd like to give a testimonial on my soap to be shared here please send me an email with your thoughts.

"Not only do your soaps look amazing, they smell amazing. At first I was afraid to even use them because they are so pretty. I also have very sensitive skin and have never had an issue using them. Plus they make excellent gifts. Everyone I have gifted them to has felt the same way I do. Absolutely loves them."

Izzy O.

"I find your soaps to be the best I've used. They smell amazing! The soaps have a silky lather, better than any others I have tried, and with sensitive skin I was happy to find the soap leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. Each one is beautifully handcrafted, clearly with a passion for the product."

Julie D.G.

"Your soap feels nice and soft when I'm using it. I use it in the shower and I like the suds level. Definitely better than any other natural soaps I have used. I don't need to scrub all over and over to get the soap bubbles going."

Molly G.

"One of the reasons I buy from you is that I feel positive, loving, and caring energy that you infuse in your soaps. I know you use the best ingredients. Your soaps are beautiful in appearance - I sometimes want to eat them, and there is just the right amount of fragrance. I feel joy whenever I use them. I love to give them to my dearest friends and family."

Susan A.

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