Saturday, August 25, 2012


The turnout of wolf protectors at the state Capitol in Minnesota yesterday was awesome!  We rallied to stop the hunt/trap this fall for over 3 hours.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many like minded individuals and know that we were all there for a greater good which is to protect Minnesota's gray wolf population and put a stop to the hunting and trapping that will happen this November.  To top it off the rally went on during the special session being held by the legislature so they had to see all of us with our banners & signs protesting the hunt/trap as they walked into the Capitol buidling.  One legislator shouted out "I voted against it" which made us all feel good but unfortunately those who voted for it outnumbered those who voted against it.

Dr. Maureen Hackett, founder of Howling for Wolves, put together a great list of guest speakers which included Howard Goldman from the Humane Society, Ray Owen (Dakota) from Prairie Island Reservation, Mike Forcia from AIM (American Indian Movement) representing the Ojibwe tribe, and veterinarian & ecologist Dr. Michael Fox.  I videotaped their speeches in three parts (I had to cut it into three parts because I was afraid my camera didn't have enough memory but I promise I didn't leave any of the important parts out).   Please watch the videos!  They are informative and enlightening.  Photos from the rally are below the videos.  Please read the press release about the rally at the Minnesota State Capitol.

Maureen Hackett's opening speech:

Guest Speaker Howard Goldman from the Humane Society

Guest Speakers Michael Forshaw (Ojibwe), Ray Owen (Dakota), Dr. Michael Fox (veterinarian & ecologist)

A group of HFW volunteers having a friendly conversation with capitol security while looking at some photographs.

Various individuals against the wolf hunt.  Several Native American (American Indian) tribes were represented.

A gathering of "wolf protectors" < that is what I call all of them :)

My daughter and another individual on the Capitol steps protesting the wolf hunt/trap.

My little ones are the first to hold the banner for the day.

Protesters of the wolf hunt/trap gathering on the Capitol steps

 The legislators initially came up the front steps but they didn't even want to make eye contact with us so they tried to sneak in a side entrance but the wolf protectors weren't going to let them off so easy so we all perched ourselves near that entrance.

Early morning gathering of wolf protectors.


Teresa Robeson said...

You know I was totally with you in spirit, right? :) So excited that it was such a great turnout!

Michelle said...

Hey T

I thought of you. When the man of the Ojibwe tribe was talking about protecting the environment I knew you'd be one of the people to appreciate that speech.

Epicure68 said...

I signed the petition that care2 had on stopping the wolf hunt. Hopefully they can reach a far wider audience and with international pressure, government will reverse the decision to let the wolf kill continue.

Michelle said...


The federal gov. once again failed when they took the wolf off the endangered species list. Out of so many "at risk" animals, the wolf is #1. Barely off the list and the whole country goes wacky and wants to slaughter them all. Can't get anymore endangered than that.

Thanks for signing the petition! I hope the government reverses their decision, if not federally (a petition is going to Obama), I hope at least locally.