Saturday, October 13, 2012


I wish I had a bumper sticker that said real friends make sure you never stop creating or maybe even better would be real friends know that creating keeps you sane or something like that.

My friend Teresa over at Homestead Notes (growing, writing, creating) is the person my bumper sticker would be referring to.  When I was giving up on knitting, she mailed me a a pattern for knitted sox to keep me going, when I told her I wish I could bake like her she sent me an awesome cookie recipe to get me baking, and most importantly when I don't say anything at all she knows exactly what I need - like the wonderful wolf fabric she sent me yesterday.  It came at the perfect time, bringing a smile to my face after learning that the injunction to stop the wolf hunt has been denied.  Yes, fabric with beautiful wolf faces makes me smile in the midst of all the idiocy of hunting and trapping.

Teresa knows that one key to inner peace is being creative.  Whether that be writing, making soap, knitting or baking... creativity is the spice of life :-)

So this post is for you T - Thank you!!

The beautiful wolf fabric Teresa sent:

My first lace scarf.  I'm actually about to finish it and it only took me 2 months. Yay! (don't laugh but I'm thinking I might frame it. LOL!)

and... the awesome cards I received in a swap.  I don't have pix of the ones I sent to others but here is what I received back:


SoapSudsations said...

It's good to have friends who keep you going isn't it? I'm glad you're continuing with your creative endeavours because you do such lovely work. I think your scarf is absolutely lovely and swaps are such a nice way to receive gifts aren't they?

I hope to see more results of your creativeness in future posts.

Teresa Robeson said...

I think you should make that bumper sticker!! Even if it doesn't refer to me (aw, shucks, thanks so much, my dear!), it's still fabulous.

I'm so glad you like the wolf fabric and that it came in time to cheer you up. <3

Your scarf is beautiful! I have yet to knit anything with a pattern that interesting. I won't laugh at you because it takes me half a year to knit a pair of socks. :}

And those cards are so darling, they make me want to take up Stampin' Up (but am resisting the urge or hubby will have me committed for insanity for taking up one more hobby).

Hope you're having a restful Sunday!