Thursday, October 15, 2020


 I've been working on a few batches of soap for autumn but got sidetracked on the designs. I really need to be making soaps with colors like orange, black, yellow, green, and using embeds like fall leaves or ghosts but I ordered some new and interesting fragrances, molds and glitters so I wanted to give them a try and my design ideas didn't fit the season very much. I have one batch of soap that screams autumn and that's this one (below). It smells like pumpkin souffle. 

This what the 2nd design idea. I coveted the honeycomb mold for a while and was finally able to get it so of course I had to use the honey, milk, and oatmeal fragrance with this.

I finally ordered some eucalyptus spearmint fragrance which I love, love, love. I wanted to make the design simple since all I see when smelling this uplifting scent is a spa and what color fits spa better than a light calming sage green. 

This batch idea came after the glitter arrived. Little stars just seemed to fit perfectly with the autumn fig fragrance and dark grey/blue mica. My daughter named it starry night because she said it reminded her of Vincent Van Gogh's painting by the same name.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 Spent a day visiting a dear friend in northern Minnesota a week ago. My friend lives completely off-grid on over 80 acres of land in the middle of the forest surrounded by the most diverse wildlife (plants and animals) you will find in the state of MN. It truly is a little piece of heaven at his place. It was a great place to escape to for the day.

Here is my daughter and my friend checking out a wolf den.

We found some bobcat scat.

My friend showed us how to identify wild ginger by sight and taste.

We explored around all the beautiful trees growing on his property; sugar maples, aspen, cedar, white pine...

My favorite part was walking for hours in the woods taking in the awesome autumn smell in the air and learning about our surroundings.

Thank you, Barry. 


 I've wanted to talk about my experience with SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) on this blog for a long time but every time I start I find it just takes way too long to explain and no one wants to read all about my medical tests and every misdiagnosis so in short I will say I nearly died from SIBO. Some people say that dying from SIBO is not possible but they are wrong. You can die if you don't get the proper medical help and that is what I faced for months. I saw 14 medical doctors, 2 Psychiatrists, a Psychologist, 2 surgeons, 3 naturopaths, 2 functional medical doctors and even made a visit to the Mayo Clinic before I was on my way to recovery - and no, Mayo didn't help me recover.  The only other person I've come in contact with that had SIBO has awful as I did was a woman who was misdiagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and she was confined to a wheelchair for months. Once she received a proper diagnosis and was treated for SIBO she was back hiking mountains again. So yes, you can be severely ill from SIBO and you can die if no one will help you. I nearly starved to death, lost 25 lbs in two months, could not get out of bed for more than few minutes each day and no one would help me or knew how to help me until I found the RIGHT Naturopathic doctor. 

Today I am so much better. I'd say I am 100% better but I have SIBO again. I had kidney surgery a year ago (an issue caused by SIBO) and about 6 months later was diagnosed with SIBO again. Not sure if the surgery was the cause, the antibiotics given during surgery, or the probiotics I was put on following my first successful treatment of SIBO. It's hard to say, but I back on treatment again and doing really well. One major change I made this time around is sticking to the SCD diet. I stuck to it 80% of the time before but I cheated by eating oatmeal to maintain my weight and I ate buckwheat flour and maple syrup not knowing at the time they were not SCD legal. Now I know what is and isn't legal so I stick to the SCD diet 100% of the time and it makes a huge difference in how my gut feels and the response I am having to the SIBO treatment. 

One of the biggest challenges for me when I was diagnosed with SIBO was finding the right foods to eat so I am going to post on my blog recipes I create or recipes I find that are SCD legal in hopes of helping others with SIBO.  You will be able to find all SIBO related posts under the SIBO tab across the top of this blog.