Monday, January 26, 2009


We all know there are million reasons to be grateful for our children so to pick one a week is a bit challenging because I'm inclined to list them all. But I promised myself I'd stick to one each time and this way, when my girls read this, they can appreciate the reasons more fully instead of running through a list of reasons and just forgetting about it.

I'm grateful for my daughters because the world is always new through their eyes and as their mother I get to experience life anew over and over again. Growing up, my mother use to work long hours and when she wasn't at work she was with my sister and I. She'd always find ways to entertain us, from nature hikes to zoo visits, etc... and we loved every minute of it. When I asked her why she never took a break from us one of her responses was the joy we gave her just seeing the world through our eyes. Now that I have children I understand completely what she meant.

I've travelled a lot and experienced many things in my life. After a while stepping on a airplane becomes second nature, seeing the ocean for the 100th time just isn't the same as the first time. Through my children I see everything for the first time again. When we were in Hawaii I set Aiyana down in the sand and she immediately drew her legs up to her chest and started to squiggle. I didn't realize she hadn't felt the sand on her feet before. Of course, she'd felt it once before, when she was 10 months old but now she's almost two and she didn't remember it. It was fresh and exciting all over again.

Life is short and not always easy, but when you see the world through the eyes of a child it is all worth it!


egassner said...

How beautiful Michelle!
I guess I never thought of how to word the experiance of 'seeing' the world anew through their eyes, but it is to true! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That's lovely, Michelle! I really need to pay more attention to my kids' wonder at something they're experiencing for the first time. I miss that age when there's always something new every day for them. They're now getting to the teen years and getting a bit jaded. :}

Sherrie said...

Your 'worst fragrance ever' post showed up in my Google Reader, even though it's gone - Winter Grapefruit. UGH. I can't stand it.

Michelle said...

Oh that is weird. LOL! I wrote it and saved it for a future post, I wanted to take a picture to go with it. It is like the twilight zone, how the heck did it end up on google reader. LOL!!!! Guess I'd better post it now. LOL!