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As expected, we had an absolutely glorious time on the island. When we arrived it was a bit cloudy and rainy but through the rain there was sunshine and the best part... lots of warmth. I missed the 27 below zero temps we reached here in Minnesota (THANKFULLY!). Didn't manage to connect with the Oils of Aloha people but that didn't stop me from buying their wonderful products. So for those of you who have not tried their kukui nut oil I am having my first blog giveaway. I did manage to slip in a Soap Factory tour and so I will be adding one of their products to the blog giveaway, a lipbalm and wooden turtle. The lipbalm is made with both kukui and macadamia nut oils. Another great place on the island is Island Soap & Candle Works. I arrived as they were setting some of their soaps out to cure and it smelled so wonderful so I picked up the pikake scented soap with matching scented candle. For those of you who have not used pikake fragrance in your products, it is a must!

BTW/I learned a little something about Kukui while on Oahu. If you apply it before going into the sun and after being in the sun, you don't burn, at least I didn't and I'm fair skinned. My husband didn't apply it beforehand but did immediately after his upper shoulders and back burned and he said that the kukui kept his back from feeling like it was on fire and it also turned the burn to tan quite fast. Another plus... NO PEELING!

I will post the blog giveaway midweek. I still need to clear space on my digital camera for product photos and of course... I can't post the blog giveaway without first showing some pictures of my trip.
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