Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I wanted to share some of the cool things I picked up at the Shepherds Harvest Fiber Festival.  I haven't been motivated to use the weavette yet since I'm just getting over being sick but I couldn't resist spinning some new yarn.

I spent hours wandering around the fiber festival looking for romney wool because I had read that it was the best fiber for new spinners but out of all the vendors only one person was selling it and unfortunately it's not roving :(  I bought it anyway but have yet to try it out.  I'm thinking I need to prep it a bit before using it because there are bits of hay throughout the fiber.  Once I figure out what to do I'll probably attempt to color it.

I hunted forever and finally found a niddy noddy.  I learned the hard way that this tool is pretty necessary.  I wrapped my spun fiber around a book and then couldn't get it off.   With the niddy noddy I know just how much yarn I'm wrapping and won't have trouble removing it.

I also found a small weaving square.  I really really really wanted it and after many failed online searches I am happy to have found it at the festival.  Now I just have to figure out how to use it.  Should be simple.

One of my best finds didn't come from the fiber festival but I wanted to share it anyway.  I was browsing at the Yarnery on Grand and found some polwarth wool top.  I'd not read anything about polwarth but the label on the fiber said it was a long fiber which is best for new spinners so I bought it.  I'm soooooo happy that I did because, so far, it is the best fiber I have spun with.  I tried the Merino Wool after having such a great experience with the BFL but the Merino made me want to give up on spinning.  It was horrible.  I'm sure the wool is awesome for someone but it wasn't for me.  I later read that the Merino fibers are too short for new spinners and often lead to failure.  Now that I have the polwarth I am back to my spinning addiction :)  NOTE TO TERESA: this is the one I mentioned sending you if you'd like to try it.

If anyone is interested in learning to spin and feel like I do, that the wheel is way too expensive to begin with, I suggest picking up the book "respect the spindle."  I took a short spinning class but I found the book to be a much better teacher.  


Writingfor5 said...

You are unbelievably talented and inspiring! I'm so fascinated by what you do in your free time! Thanks for sharing!

SoapSudsations said...

You'll show us your yarn once you're done right?

Teresa Robeson said...

Oh. So. Cool!! I've heard of niddy-noddies before, but didn't know what it is. I meant to look up romney wool to learn more about it after reading your notecard, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Thanks for the book recommendation! I'll definitely check it out. I had a small book (more like a pamphlet, really) on how to spin with a drop spindle, but never bought a drop spindle so you should know how much I love you for sending me one! (I have a blog post coming up...and am working on a thank you note!).

And thank you, too, for the offer of the merino wool! I need to figure out how to do it properly on the wool that came with the kit first before I tackle something harder. =)

Michelle said...


Thank you for the compliment! That was very sweet :)


I promise to show it! I can't wait until I have a large enough bunch to show. I'm almost there was the polwarth.


I hope you like spinning. I've found some really helpful videos on youtube. I've been trying to speed up my process and I learned more from youtube to help me move along. You should check them out.

Ambra said...

Thanks for the book title. I really want to learn to spin so I may just order that.

Teresa Robeson said...

I found the book at the library and can't wait to read it! If I love it, I'll buy it, but I like to preview things from the library first. I know I'll love spinning. I think it'll be very zen once I get over the cursing and getting used to it part. LOL!

I would use Youtube more often except that we have that stupid bandwidth usage problem. Grrr...