May 6, 2012

We said goodbye to our hives yesterday.  It was actually pretty sad.  I didn't care so much about the yellow hive but I was really attached to the pink one (the one you see being carried away).  That was my very first hive after I took the U of M beekeeping course and we've managed to get it through two winters and this was our third spring having them, they were also our mild tempered and happy bees.  My husband said I
looked pitiful, like a lost child watching them from the window being carried away.We discussed just keeping the one hive because they really were a great bunch of bees to have but we just couldn't get past the possibility that, even if we managed them well, they could swarm again and next time it might not turn out so great.  I kept having visions of them swarming during one of the neighbors many dusk til dawn lawn parties. 

Hubby and I are already discussing other options.  We have a couple friends that live in the country and we might approach them about keeping our bees.  One of them has wanted to have bees but wasn't so sure she wanted to do the management part of it, so we're thinking she might be a good option.  Otherwise, we do plan on moving so we might wait until then to get another hive, we'll see.

For now, Jim at Natures Nectar took our babies away.  I feel good that he was the one to take them since he's the guy I orginally purchased my packages from.  Who better to have our hives than the man I bought them from, right? 

So anyway...a couple pictures to share:

Jim getting the hives ready to be hauled away.

and then carrying my favorite one out.

Middy (my middle child) is pretty mad at me.  She loves the bees.  We have spent every day since spring of 2010 checking them out each morning, watching them fly in and out throughout the day (aside from winter).  I didn't realize she had grown as attached as I did.  She kept trying to think of reasons they didn't have to go.  She thinks people around us should "suck it up and get with the program." lol!  She's already asking when we can get some more.  I guess her nagging will get me moving on finding someone to let us keep them on their property.

Did I ever mention how much I hate living in the city?
Unknown said...

I'm scared of bees, but would never kill one, I know how much we need them. I would not like to live next to someone who has bees, I might never get out of the house again LOL. But I understand how sad it must be for you loving having them around. So where did that bee house ended finally?

My mom is like you, hates the city. She loves having her own chicken for her daily fresh eggs, but she had to get rid of one, cause she was too noisy.

Michelle said...

Hi Gayle,

The bees were given to our bee supplier. He lives in a rural area about 30-40 minutes from us. We have purchased all our bees from him so we knew our bees would be in good hands. He emailed me this morning to let me know the move went flawlessly and that the hives now have a really good home next to a field of alfalfa. That makes me happy :)

I agree with your mom. City life sucks! Would love chickens myself but they aren't allowed in our city :( it was a surprise we could have bees.

Teresa Robeson said...

I spent the first 25 years of my life in large cities, but I would never want to live in one again.

I am so sad for you, M, but also proud of you that you are doing what's right for your neighbors and the bees. Some day, Middy will understand that too.


dixiebelle said...

Oh no, Michelle! How sad for everyone... I hope you can have bees again soon! Thank you so much for all your posts about the bees and the swarming etc. It has given me a lot to think about.

Michelle said...


Thanks! Hopefully this teaches Middy that she can't always just do things because she wants to. We have to think of others too.


We will definitely be getting them again. We're going to get Mason bees, hopefully it isn't too late this year, and we'll most certainly be getting the honeybees again soon.

Ambra said...

O, how sad! I loved your bees and like you live in the city so it's difficult to keep bees. One of these days...

Jim Davis said...

Hi. Also sorry to see you leave the bees for now, but you do have to do what is best for you and your family right now. If they're in your future again sometime, it will be the right time (and place) for it. I know there are more and more urban beekeepers, but you just don't seem to hear about the downside of it, only the good. You've been exceptionally honest, most of all with yourselves, which is where it really counts.

Mil said...

Sad! I know you liked your bees. I hope you will be able to visit them once in a while. :( :(

Michelle said...


Thank you! We'll get some again soon. We already miss them so much.


Thank you for your kind words! We'll have to figure out something soon because I'm already going through withdrawal. I'm thinking I need to educate myself on swarm prevention and then maybe I can try again next spring with a new hive. It definitely is not the end for us as beekeepers. We loved having them, learning from them, and we'll find a way to have them again :)


I have a friend that lives less than a mile from Natures Nectar and I also like swinging by NN to get beeswax. I'm looking forward to seeing my hives out there :)