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A group of us over at the soap pixie forum decided to have our first soap swap. I received some FANTASTIC soaps from some very TALENTED soap makers. Please check out the sites of those soapmakers who participated to learn more about their soapmaking experiences and a little about themselves as well.


Carrie turns her holiday soaps into ornaments. This is the first I've seen someone do this. It is really a creative idea and she is a very creative lady. Please visit her over at UNDER THE WILLOW GIFTS WEBSITE or at her BLOG


Steph experiments with her soaps and creates some really wonderful things. She likes to work with layers and textures. Her soaps are beautiful. Please visit her BLOG where she shares some of her creations with the world.


This swap was our first "holiday swap" and Denise really created such a great soap. I love the red/white swirl affect. She also shared her green tea soap with us and it smells delightful. Not only is Denise a talented soaper but she is also a very talented photographer. She shares some of her beautiful photographs on her BLOG so please check it out.

Here are grouped all the soaps together. I'm not a great photographer myself, as you can see, but hopefully you'll get an idea of how wonderful these soaps are from the picture.

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