July 30, 2008

I received some goodies from Elizabeth over at GASSNER CUSTOM SOAPS and what a big surprise it was. I was only expecting a few fragrance oils but I found so much more in the box. She sent the cutest little soap with a rubber ducky embedded in it for my baby girl. The baby immediately knew it was for her, grabbed it and ran. She tried to eat the duck so I had to take it away until bath time. LOL!! She also sent my two older girls the cutest M&P kit. Of course, they ripped into those immediately and made their cute little soaps (I love the idea Elizabeth and so did the kids, thank you so much!!). I received some of her body frosting, and I'm looking forward to trying it out, along with two great lip balms that I'm using already.

Please check out Elizabeth's blog over at GASSNER CUSTOM SOAPS BLOGSPOT, she makes the cutest soaps, plus quite a few other items as well. She also has her own ETSY SHOP plus a WEBSITE and she's updating all the time with new products, so don't miss out on the goodies!

Here are a couple pictures from my gift box:

My Middy with her fish soap (she made it all on her own with one of Elizabeth's kits)

Some of my goodies. I'm luvin the lip balm (I'm a lipbalm-aholic. LOL!)