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Sorry I have not blogged lately. I'm seriously losing touch with the blog community. I try really hard to get online and whip as fast as possible through blogs and the couple forums I frequent but lately there just isn't enough time in a day.

My sister is profoundly disabled and she lived with my mother 20+ years with 24/7 nursing and my mother as guardian. When mom passed away I took on the responsibility of guardian, ocassional caregiver, and staff manager. I've wanted to maintain this small business of mine, even signed up to do card classes and sell Stampin Up products, but I've seriously got in over my head.

My sister is my #1 priority and lately there have been issues upon issues, meetings upon meetings. It just gets more interesting by the moment. So it seems the whole crafting for the public is going to have to wait. As it is, my hubby left his job to help me juggle the responsibility of raising 3 girls, maintaining my house and my sisters house, plus give me the hours I need to work with staff and other issues.

At least I can still craft for myself. I love my soap and I love my cards. It is just a relief to say it out loud, that I'm only crafting for me and not someone else for a while. I don't have the pressure to have something done by a specific time that I know I'll never get around to.

I hope all my blogging pals are still out there :( That I cannot live without :)
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