February 3, 2009

It use to be that the best part of waking up was sunshine and the beginning of a new day, now the best part is seeing the bright eyes of my littlest girl Aiyana or hearing the chatter of our two older girls in the next room. Not only am I allowed to live yet another day but I get to live my days with 3 beautiful children. I can't remember what life was like before they were here and I never want to. Even when they argue over who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning to prep for school, I manage to find it enjoyable. I often think, if I didn't have kids to battle with life would be so dull. I'm not going to say that loud enough for them to hear me though. LOL! I love when:

the girls say "hi mom" in the morning
when Middy kisses me and says I love you 3,4,5x's before leaving for school
when Aiyana refuses to get out of bed unless I get up to.
when Maya needs a random hug.
when they want to sleep on the floor of my room just to be close to us.

My mornings are beautiful, I love it all!
Sherrie said...

Mornings are the best! Thanks for sharing yours. :) The first thing our 20 month old son says when he wakes up: "Mama hug." Then, "Mama, ah-you?" (Mama, where are you?) I love it.

Michelle said...

Awww, sweet Sherrie. I absolutely love when the babies talk in their own little lingo. it is so cute.

Anonymous said...

You must be a mom of infinite patience! I snap totally when my kids argue. :}

Carrie Garvin said...

This blog entry was sooo sweet~ you are such a good mommie~ with 3 beau-ti-ful little girls...

Just precious.

cindy said...

Michelle, I always enjoyed the morning with my son when he was growing up. He was always wide eyed and cuddly. Now the grandson is cuddly, but not wide eyed. He takes a little snuggling to get up and get going. You have 3 beautiful daughters!

Michelle said...


Oh no... I've snapped too. I've now started telling them to work out their own issues in the morning, don't involve me. LOL! I just listen and laugh to myself when I hear what they argue about, it reminds me of my sister and I when we were young.

Thank you, your so sweet. :)

Awww, Cindy, I can just see him being snuggly too. It is good to know that once the kids are grown I'll still have grandchildren to brighten my mornings :)

Anonymous said...

My sister and I never argued about the sorts of things my sons do, which is why it's doubly annoying. ;) Love them anyway, even when they get on my last nerve.