April 18, 2009

On top of being a soapmaker I love love love papercrafting. I'm a colors and creativity junkie (although I really can't color coordinate anything to save my own life - thank the God's for Stampin Up!) The more color and the more creative someone is, I'm totally there! I always google random things like "soap chunks" or "trifold cards" to see what cool things people are making. Yes, it can be quite addicting. My head and my eyes are hurting for it.

Recently, during one of my many sleepless nights (those are normal for me so no worries) I came across the SOAP BOX. I'm not a huge fan of round soaps (does anyone else have trouble washing with those???) but when I saw the soap box, ideas started to fly.

So... I decided to give the SOAP BOX A try. My little white ribbon is pretty pathetic in comparison to the gorgeous ribbon bunch used in the tutorial but hey, this was my first attempt ;)

For anyone who might be interested in creating a box of your own, the creator (Kitty Franken) has offered this PDF FILE of instructions to the public through the SCOR-PAL website. It is really quite simple to make. All you need is a little color and creativity and your good to go :) Oh, don't forget the paper and tape :)
Anonymous said...

Kewl soap box! I don't think I'll be attempting that any time soon though. :}

Amy W said...

How neat!! I think her "soaps" look more like bath bombs. I like yours better, actually. The 3D flower on top is very neat looking. Great job!

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies :)

Amy, I agree, they do look like bath bombs.

Saltwell Soap said...

Wow. Mega cool tutorial!