June 23, 2009

Things are somewhat settled and stable on our end so I've decided to return to blogging. Of course, I missed it like crazy and would peek in time to time just to make sure I wasn't missing out on toooooooo much.

So glad to be blogging and can't wait to visit my blogroll and start posting again.

First thing I want to share is the beautiful handmade gifts that came from my dear friend Teresa over at Homestead Notes. Teresa and family are so creative. She made me two envelopes out of a chicken calender. Since the photo was taken I've framed the chicken and put it next to my buddha statue on my "meditation alter." It makes me smile so I want to see every day. She & her son made two soap dishes and a lizard pendant. My oldest has fashioned the lizard pendant into a necklace. The soap dishes have found homes in two of our bathrooms. Thank you T for such wonderful gifts (((hugs)))

While not blogging I did manage to attend to my little garden more. It is growing great guns after all the rain we've had. We still don't have the rain barrel hooked up (OH HUBBY WHERE ARE YOU???) - I'm going to guilt him into that today.

I was worried all the rabbits in the backyard would eat my little garden but the chicken wire seems to be doing its job. So far, nothing crawling underground and eating up my veggies **crossing fingers, knocking on wood here.

I must say, I'm a slow learner. When the pot says "plant 12 inches apart" it really means 24". I swear, every year, my plants, flowers, whatever I plant, ends up smothering each other. What is the secret???

This is the challenge for the rest of the summer. See this bench? This is what my entire backyard looks like. A JUNGLE. The more we cut down, the more that grows. The people who built our home and lived here until we bought it basically did some landscaping in 1983 and then let it go. There is mulch and garden rock in places it shouldn't be. Paths are covered by green foliage. Since it is in the 90's today and super humid I've given up on the yard and decided to clean house instead.

We have decided the backyard will become a fairy garden. We have the plants lined up that we want (thanks to those who gave advice on that in an earlier post). We have some plans on how to set it up. The girls want it to look like the hobbit trail at the Renaissance Festival so we are working on that :)

Well, that is enough for now. Time to wash dishes.
Suds to Love said...

Welcome back! I hope your sister is doing well and that you can get back into the swing of things.

egassner said...

Oh Michelle, glad to see you're back! How's your sister doing?
The secret to gardens...space. LOTS and LOTS of space. Lol!
Glad you guys decided to go with a 'Fairy Garden' I bet it will turn out uber cool!

Anonymous said...

You're most welcome, M! So glad you liked the stuff. :)

I think your yard, jungle or not, looks wonderful!

We've had luck with planting things at the width that the pkg says to. In fact, I think sometimes dh plants them closer than recommended. It depends on what the plant is.

We need a rain barrel too....

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies!!

Elizabeth, things are a little better. She went on hospice but was discharged once she became stable. It is so difficult to know where she's at any given minute since one week she seems great and the next it looks like we need to register with hospice again. This is a better week.

T, my trouble seems to be with the cucumbers. The container said twelve inches but those suckers spread so far that they are taking over my celery. LOL!

egassner said...

Glad to hear she's doing good this week! But sorry that you guys have to go through the up's and downs of the 'week to week' thing.
Annddd...could you email me your snail mail addy for the PIF giveaway? I know exactly what I'll be sending you!

Michelle said...

Hey Elizabeth... Thanks for your thoughts :) I also need your addy. I can't find my old swap list :( I'm soooooooooo close to being done with all my blog gifts.