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When I was little I would always read those goofy horoscopes in the newspaper or magazines. Eventhough they were all generic and pretty useless (took me a while to figure that out) It didn't stop me from reading them since it was nice to hear that I was going to find the love of my life, travel the world, and have enough money to buy whatever I wanted. That sorta thing means a lot to a 10 year old.

After reading the same thing every day you begin to realize at 10 boys aren't interested in girls yet, mom isn't going to give you the money you need to buy everything you see and the only travel you'll be doing is bike riding over to your friend Jenny's house a block away. So long astrology.

When I was in my late teens I found a book at the science museum on the history of astrology. It fascinated me to the point that I wanted to know more. It didn't just open my mind to the stars but it also taught me about the Mayan culture and the Greeks. It was enlightening to learn that something treated so trivially today was actually a very important complex system hundreds even thousands of years ago. Did you know astrology was once used to diagnose disease and illness? And with great success!

For the past 4 years, on an annual basis, I have my chart read by a wonderful woman named Virginia. I first met her at the Renaissance Festival (stop chuckling now, I haven't finished). I'm a huge sceptic but wanted to try it out anyway. She read my palm (I'll save that for a later post) and my chart. Astrologers don't predict your future but they certainly can tell you A LOT about yourself based on when you were born. Having someone analyze you based on your sun sign, rising sun, moon sign, is quite fascinating to say the least. As individuals we don't always want to see ourselves, nor do we always have the capability of seeing ourselves clearly for who we are so it is nice to have someone know your shortcomings, your goals, your needs and wants, and guide you based on an objective system. Astrology has other uses as well. My grandfather use to garden by the moon, depending on which astrological sign it was in. This was a very successful process for him.

Astrology is more science than mystery. If you've ever looked into it but was turned off by the generic ramblings of some new age crack pot in cosmopolitan magazine, I suggest looking into it a little deeper.

Great book on the history of astrology:

Another fun thing, see your own chart. Here is mine:

At ASTRO.COM you can get your chart for free. You will need to know the exact time and place of your birth in order to have you chart set up correctly. Not sure how accurate or helpful the free horoscopes are since I don't use them but the astro portrait is 100% on the mark.
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