October 17, 2009

It feels like Christmas anyway. I bought my first soap stamp and with the snow outside recently, it almost feels like Christmas. Especially since I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening up my goody box with my soap stamp inside. I purchased my stamp from Soap Impressions and I think they did a really great job. The stamp is excellent quality, the base being solid wood and the impression made of metal. I'm pleased. What do you think? Diane from Soap Impressions provided excellent, fast customer service. I'd definitely do business with them again.

Here it is:

The other half of Christmas in October would be my holiday cards. If I don't make Christmas cards in October they never get made. Anyone else face that issue? Below are the cards my friend Angie and I made at a Christmas Stamp-A-Stack class this week. It was lots of fun. The Stampin Up demo hosting the class is very creative, I love the cards we made. Here are the 5 designs she came up with:

Amber said...

Love, love, LOVE your stamp!!! I will definitely be ordering one from them. And your cards look great!

Nahana said...

Christmas soap, I love this. I remember getting bath foam in my stocking!

cindy said...

Michelle, those cards are adorable and the stamp is awesome.

How are you doing? I so miss visiting with you!

Hope Kelly is doing okay and you family is doing good too.

We move this weekend I am so excited to get into my own home.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Amber said...I'm keeping Soap Impressions in mind for when I need soap stamps made!

Oh, yeah, I always do holiday cards in October. I used to make up both a holiday newsletter and holiday website too, but I'm too busy and lazy now. I'm going to with plain old photo cards from Shutterfly this year. My in-laws had friends who used to tell me all the time that my holiday newsletter was the highlight of their year, but they're all deceased now, and, I don't think any of our friends care that much, so I'm going to go with photo-cards from now on. :}

I absolutely love the card you guys made!!

Michelle said...

Thanks Amber. You won't be disappointed when you get yours. I can't way to play with it.

Thanks Nahana for your comments :)

Hi Cyd, I'm doing good. Kelly is doing great, she made it through the craziness and is quite healthy now. I hope the weather holds strong for you this weekend so you can get moved into your new place. I'm so excited for you. Lots of fun having the new space. Are you ready for the stamping room?

Hey T,

I love holiday newsletters. I get a few each year and I always look forward to reading them. It is fun to read what friends have been up to the past year. We have some friends out east that own a rock-climbing company and they travel around the world for guided trips, they always share the excitement of their travels in their holiday letter - I LOVE IT! I can live vicariously through them :)

Photo cards are wonderful too. I believe all my photo cards end up on my fridge permanently. I love pictures of friends and family!

Amy W said...

Your stamp looks fantastic! I just ordered mine from Anhoki today. Her husband makes them in his spare time. :)

We do photo cards at Christmas - usually. Last year I bought boxes of cards on clearance, so we'll just have to include a picture.

Michelle said...

Hi Amy,

I just checked her site, I love the stamps. I want the moon and stars!! I can't wait to see yours, I hope you blog about it.

Stephanie said...

Just wanted to welcome you to Growing Naturaly!
:) Stephanie

egassner said...

Beautiful cards Michelle! I defently checking out Soap Impressions too!

cindy said...

Michelle, silly me I have misplaced your email address. Can you email me at

Do you know of any web sites that have tutorials on soap making? and that will tell me what products I need to get to get started?

I am anxious to get going once we get moved in.

Cindy Tell the kids hi!

Oh found blackberry bushes in the backyard, I will ahve to fight the deer for them, but yummy.

Michelle said...

Thank you Stephanie!

Yes, definitely check them out Elizabeth, you won't be disappointed :)

I'm on my way to email you now Cyd :)

Anne-Marie said...

'Tis the season to start prepping for the holidays! I love this time of year! The soap stamp turned out great and your Christmas cards are adorable.

Carrie Garvin said...

Omgoodness! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stamp! I have always wondered about the quality of there shop-and it looks great!!!!!

And your cards are just beautiful too!


Joanna Schmidt said...

love the stamp, and the cards!!j

koinonia community said...

Wow! That stamp is perfect. I was thinking of having one made a couple of years ago but didn't want to spend the money. Now I'm thinking....I want one! I love the cards too. I'm too lazy to make some. Or maybe my iron is just in too many fires this time of year.

Nahana said...

I am sure you are having fun stamping the hand soaps with christmas stamps!

Michelle said...

Natalie, you are sooooo busy right now, I can totally understand why you don't have time for cards. I always admire all you do.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Russia!
Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

Michelle said...

Sure, go right ahead :)