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Now that I'm back to blogging I will also be back to posting about natural colorants in soapmaking. To start off I wanted to do a follow up on the natural colorants I already covered. I didn't think this was very important but recently I discovered that some soapmakers are actually claiming to have used natural colorants and are saying they don't work well or if they do work, they don't last. Since I've been using the natural colorants for years (some longer than others and some not at all) I thought a follow up on their success or lack there of as a natural colorant in soap was in order.

Alkanet Root: Ambra asked me how this colorant aged and so this picture is for her :) I blogged about this colorant in July. It ages well! The picture is from today. BTW/I hated this soap. The colorant was great but the EO combo I used ended up making the soap smell like coca cola. I had several people sniff it and all had the same response... "COKE."

Yuck! Who would want to use a bar of soap that smells like coke? :(

Honey: this bar of soap is more than a year old. It was a honey oatmeal soap. Honey holds as a colorant. I think it faded slightly but only SLIGHTLY! I do think you have less control with honey as a tan color than you do with hibiscus.

Parsley: I do not have this soap to reference but I will say this...I find parsley to be kind of tricky. I've had it last a long time to not lasting at all. I'm thinking it definitely depends on the fragrance used. I've used parsley in recipes that were the exact same aside from the fragrance. It seems recipes with EO faded the fastest and recipes with synthetic fragrances lasted the longest.

Hibsicus: You get various shades of tan depending on how much hibiscus you use so I've used two soaps here for reference. The round soap is the darkest because I used twice as much hibiscus. This soap was made back in May 2010 and the picture is from today. The lighter tan soap was made in early spring 2010 and as you can see, the color is still holding very well, hardly any fading. I used only half as much hibiscus in the lighter soap as I did in the darker soap. This colorant does very well over time!

I apologize for picture quality. I took these with my cell phone. That is my new thing, to blog with the cell phone. LOL!

Jennifer Young from Jenora Soaps was very generous to share some of her own natural colorant experiments with me. Here are her comments:

Can I add from my experimenting - Annatto lasts. Nettle seems to be lasting. Goat milk tan lasts. Alkanet lasts (I agree with you). Coffee, cocoa & cinnamon last. Pink Clay and Green Clay last. Carrot Tissue Oil produced the most beautiful yellow for me that DID NOT last - it turned very faint. Spirulina does not last. So far that is about it! Glad you are back! xo Jen
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