February 11, 2011

I have decided to give organic soapnuts a try. If they are as great as the literature says, I may have to order in bulk next time. I am curious if others have tried these as a counter cleaner or for their dirty laundry and what you thought of the results.

Jennifer Young said...

I haven't tried them and don't know much about them... but I would be very interested to hear more... so if you do try them, please post!! xo Jen

dixiebelle said...

I am giving them another go too... and want to try making liquid cleaner from them, for hand wash. But I also have soapwort in the garden, waiting for it's turn to get made into soapy stuff too!

Michelle said...

I will definitely blog about the experience. I am excited to try them. I am going to make a counter spray first and second I will try laundry.


I am interested in the soapwort, I hope you blog about that. What zone does soapwort grow in?

Anonymous said...

I wasn't in love with the soap nuts when I tried them. I prefer my lavender seventh generation detergent. I'm curious to see how you like the soap nuts.