May 20, 2011

Our water issues are solved... at least I hope so. This is the first time we've ever used a landscaper and I'm glad we did. Since we moved into our home the backyard has been one big pain after another. First we had to remove numerous dead trees and way too many buckthorn to count, second was the rock. Rock, rock, rock, that is all there is and have you ever tried planting ANYTHING in rock? It isn't possible. This year it was the water. We've always had standing water in the back yard but nothing compared to this past winter. With our record snowfall we ended up with a pond in the yard that eventually connected with the pond in the park behind our house. One big massive pond equals one big massive mess (mosquitos and stench in the spring). Well, it looks like we may have a yard again thanks to the professionals **fingers crossed. Thanks to everyone that listened to me cry and complain about this disaster for months. Now it is time for a summer party on the new deck in the pretty yard! :)

See water? That is only the a 1/3 of it. The rest is underneath the snow.

Landscapers begin:

It is coming along nicely:

Almost done. Hubby and I spent 5 hours today spreading mulch in the paths to get ready for plantings. I look forward to working on this all summer: