June 30, 2011

I am very happy to have some of the best soaping friends. Over the years we have managed to stay connected thanks to blogging, Facebook, and email, plus come together for the occasional soap swap. Some of us have met in person and some have yet to do so but I feel fortunate to be linked to such a great group of women. This time around we are swapping a soap of any color, fragrance, packaging, etc... so I am busy making soap, trying to decide which scent and design of soap I will settle on. Can't wait to see what my creative friends come up with and then, of course, to post picture of all the goodies. 

Teresa Robeson said...

Oooh, soap swap!! Some day, I will finally make a batch of CP soap on my own. ;D In the meantime I am eager to see what you make and receive!

Michelle said...

T, I wanted so much for you to be apart of this swap but I remember you saying something about giving your soap supplies to your sister, right? I look forward to you cp soap making days. Is there any way I can influence you to give it a try this summer????