July 7, 2011

I've been so obsessed with my bees lately I haven't said much about soap. So, here is a picture of one batch. I have many more to come. Trying to use up all the supplies over the summer and then take a soaping break for a while.

After corresponding with a few chemists at the University of Minnesota and based on what I've learned from my professors at ACHS I'm finally more comfortable with the use of Titanium Dioxide in my soaps. I gave TD a try a couple times in the past several years but waited til I had some reliable info on it's safety. Of course, now I'm addicted to it. I love that it is so easy to use and gives such great color variation.

I'll be taking a little blog break now to do other things but will be back with more bee and soap pictures soon. HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE!
Two Blooms Design Studio said...

Your soap looks pretty and enjoy a break from soaping.


dixiebelle said...

Have a great break, good luck with the bees! Love the soap, you could almost eat it!

Amy W said...

Yea, soap!! They look wonderful, Michelle!! I'm pretty addicted to TD myself. :)

Soap Bee said...

It´s so fine soap... I like it!

Regards Sabine