July 12, 2013

We just returned from four days in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and a 2 day visit to Ely.  Initially our trip north was filled with lots of excitement because not only were we going to be able to relax for the first time in 2 years but we were also going to meet a fellow wolf advocate that I'd only had the pleasure of knowing through Facebook.  Unfortunately three hours into our 4 hour road trip things took a turn for the worst.

We had all four of our dogs with us and two of our chi's were going to stay at a kennel in Embarrass, MN (the other two were going to the BWCA).  About 15 minutes before we arrived at Black Wolf Kennels, which is where Lisa, a fellow wolf advocate and owner of the kennel lives, one of our male chi's (Techi) started having trouble breathing.  Lisa took one look at him and sent us to the Ely Vet Clinic just north of where she lives.  His tongue was bluish, he kept panting, it wasn't good.  Long story short, Techi didn't make it.  

Techi has a story (like all of my dogs), we bought him as a pup, the neighbor boy (spawn of satan) poisoned him, against the vet's advice and through my tears I begged Dr. Pomeroy to revive my little dog, which he did, and like the vet warned Techi was never the same again.  Fast forward 7 years and now we are standing in the middle of the Ely Vet Clinic and I'm being told once again, in the subtle way that vet's tell you, it is time to let my dog go.  Anyone who has had to put a pet to death knows how painful it is (and I say death and not sleep because death is what it is).   You're being "advised" to take life from another living being and it can really make a person physically ill.  It's the second time I've personally had to do it (Chelsea, another one of our chi's had a brain tumor) but this time I walked out before our dog was sedated and left my husband to deal with the rest.  I'm not good with death, never have been and never will be no matter if it is a human or an animal it always hurts and I never get over it.  
Then, to make matters worse, while we are going through the process of losing our  beloved chihuahua my daughter comes running into the exam room yelling that our female chihuahua Franny was dying.  She was holding a limp Fran in her arms so the vet scooped her up and began treating her immediately.   The initial diagnosis was possible seizure or stroke, I don't think there was ever any certainty about what it could be but it was touch and go as to whether she'd recover.   Fran did recover but had to stay behind for observation in Ely when we went into the BWCA (to avoid the stress).  
We've returned home now... one dog less.  Techi's energy has disappeared into the universe and all we have left of him are his ashes and our memories.  
R.I.P Techi boy

Techi meeting Gypsy
Techi lounging while Middy decorates his face with American Girl Doll Glasses

THANK YOU Lisa Fabish at Black Wolf Kennels for running a really great dog kennel (loved everything about it), taking awesome care of our Santi and for getting Techi excellent medical care.  I wish you and I were neighbors :-) You are a genuinely caring person! So happy we finally met face to face.  We will see you in a few months... 
I'll be back to post about the BWCA trip in a couple days.
Carrie Garvin said...

Oh my gosh I don't know where to start. I do know that Techi had a wonderful life, a life that could have been so much different if he had not become a part of your family. He was lucky and so were you.

It's NEVER ever easy to let a dog go- I never will understand that part of life or end of life part of having a dear pet-who is such a part of the family.

AND then to hear another one of your pets became ill too- you all must have been beside yourselves.

I do know and believe there is a star shining a little brighter with the passing of Techi.

Hugs to all

Epicure68 said...

Sorry to hear about Techi. It is tough to let anything you love go, but sometimes it's for the best. If a person or animal can't have a high quality of life, then what sort of life is that? Better to have the memories and know that Techi didn't have to suffer further.

cynthia said...

Oh Michelle, my heart breaks for you and the family. So very hard to have to make that decision and so very hard to have to say goodbye. He was well loved in your miniature pack!

Jim Davis said...

so sorry about Techi. Very tough to have a pet die. I am definitely not looking forward to making that last visit to the vet.
Hope the BWCA was able to ease some of the pain. I hope to get there again this summer but not looking good at this point. Maybe twice next summer?

Michelle said...

Carrie, Monica, Cyd and Jim

Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot! (((hugs)))

Jim... It was extremely buggy!!! Even some of the northern residents said it was too buggy for them We had more mosquitos than I've ever experienced in addition to black flies and deer flies. It was a little rough. If you head up there I'd definitely bring some type of netting protection for your head and neck.

Monica... that's what the vet said. She asked on a scale of 1-10 how happy Techi was, that's when I realized it was more about me not wanting to let go than it was about him, and I knew it was wrong. Same with Fran. When the vet examined her she said that she could run all kinds of tests to see what what was going on but Fran will be 14 in Sept, she's frail and wobbly on her feet. The vet advised that I skip the tests and let her live happily whatever time she has left. She's back to her normal self... sleeping, eating, with the occasional burst of energy.

Teresa Robeson said...

Michelle, I am so sad to read this (and apologize for taking so long to pop over). You can tell Monica and I are sisters: I had the same thought as she did. Hugs to you and your family and know that your doggies were very lucky to have found you and to have been loved for many years by you.

Michelle said...

Hey T,

Thank you!

No worries about commenting :-)