May 12, 2022

My daughter and I have been attending the Shepherd's Harvest Festival for years and this year I decided it would be fun to apply to sell my soap there. All artists are juried so I was ecstatic when I got in. It's always nice knowing event organizers love the look of my soaps as much as I do. 

Here's my daughter Maya bundled up in the morning before the sun warmed up the building. 

The Shepherd's Harvest Festival is always held over Mother's Day weekend and due to covid the festival was cancelled in both 2020 and 2021 so it was super exciting to not only be selling there this year but also being able to see so many people at once in the same place. It was such a wonderful time with all of the positive energy swirling around us. Everyone was happy and just glad to be seeing the sheep, alpaca, and all of the yarn and raw fiber for sale. Of course we didn't just sell, we also bought. When you knit, spin, and weave there is no way you can leave the Shepherd's Harvest without buying a bunch of fun things to play with. 

Here's the stash I walked away with:

My first knitting bowl.

Fun fibers to experiment with on the spindle.

I bought this yearn from my vendor neighbors. Stitch Stuff Yarn is run by a mother daughter team in Wisconsin. They currently run their business out of their basement. They were so very nice and extremely helpful. I'm not a fantastic knitter so they gave me tips on how to improve and even bought some soap. They had some of the prettiest yarn at the festival so I bought to hanks. One hank is currently being turned into a hat for me by a friend who is much more skilled at knitting than I so I can't wait to share it here.

One of my favorite fibers to spin: Superwash BFL (Bluefaced Leicester)

And life is not complete without raw wool. This is a blend of several fibers: 1/2 Teeswater, 3/16 Romney, 5/32 Blueface Leicester, 5/32 Suffolk.