September 15, 2022

Today my daughter and I took a class on identifying edible vs toxic mushrooms in the wild. Since I was little I always wanted to know which mushrooms I could and couldn't eat but no matter how many times friends with mushroom knowledge would point out an edible mushroom I just didn't trust it. 

Growing up my mother was a wealth of knowledge when it came to edible and medicinal plants but not when it came to mushrooms. She had this long list of stories she'd share with us about people she knew or had read about who had died eating the wrong one and died so we were told to admire fungi from afar. As an adult that warning was ingrained in my head but I know it's silly, sort of, so I decided to take a class.

Will I be eating wild mushrooms now? Um... not likely.  If I do I'll stick to a select 2-3, but I definitely won't be branching out to all that's available. It was fun to explore in the woods with our guide and talk about mushrooms though. Even if I never eat one my daughter and I learned a lot.