May 28, 2023

After our really sad fawning season last spring I wasn't looking forward to babies this year. It's hard not to worry knowing how many people continue to let their dogs run off leash and chase the deer, but deer fawns warm my heart each time I see them. Yesterday after we got home from Northfield I sat on the deck to eat my lunch and I heard that familiar cry reverberate across my back yard. My heart instantly went into my stomach until I looked up and saw a doe on the other side of the fence. She clearly had parked her baby, as they usually do, in my yard when she went out to eat and just returned home but from the wrong direction. She was panicking to get onto our side so she could feed her baby but my neighbor attached several feet of chicken wire to the top of my fence, extending the height to about 7-8 feet. Mom was desperately pacing back and forth trying to figure out how to get over it so she did what any devoted mother would do, she tore right through it. It was quite the sight. It almost looked like she was going to lose her back legs but she made it. That had to hurt!! She went to feed baby and then suddenly there were more cries from the complete opposite side of the fence. Mom parked second fawn in another yard so she made that one wait while she fed fawn #1 and then once done she made her way over to fawn #2. 

So here is my first fawn photo of spring 2023. It's a little blurry because I rushed to take the shot before they ran out.