April 21, 2024

The flowers are coming 😊

Spring and Autumn are my favorite times of the year.  Spring is a time of rebirth, a time when everything comes alive again after the long, cold, quiet winter. This time of the year is when I feel the most inspired to move and create. I spent last month making soaps and knitting washcloths and this month I'm focussed on planting. I have several trays of seeds going under the grow light right now and the chamomile was the first to emerge. The excitement of nurturing something to life never gets old. 

A few days ago Ulises and I made a 1.5 hr drive north to purchase a locally handmade potting table. I'd been looking for one the last 3 years because our backs can no longer tolerate the squatting and bending over every planting season; his back has been pretty useless for years and mine is headed there. I was lucky to come across a potting table I could afford on Facebook Marketplace and not only was the price right but the craftsmanship is beautiful. The couple that built it used repurposed wood and I was actually surprised at how solid it is. I really love it and it will be nice to finally stand upright while filling pots with soil and plants. 

So far I've started the following:

Calendula (for my salves)
Banana Pepper (for food)
Celosia (for the dye)
Zinger Hibiscus (for tea)
Beans (for food)
Bunching Onions (for food)
Gomphrena (for soap decorating)
Mongolian Giant Sunflowers (for the birds)
Spinners Ivory (or my spinning wheel)
Broom Corn (to make a broom)
Bergamot (for the pollinators)
Hopi Black Dye Sunflowers (for the dye)
Echinacea (for tea and tincture)
Yarrow (for pollinators and skin issues)
German Chamomile (for tea to stabilize mast cells)