February 18, 2008

I saw this technique in a book a while back and I thought I'd give it a try. Last week I had a small window of opportunity to make soap again so I jumped on it. LOL!!

Just a little tid bit of advice, don't JUMP ON SMALL WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY! LOL!!! Because I rushed to it I ended up not having everything I needed in place. Call it my "cocky soaping syndrom." I felt super confident, my head was swollen with delight. Afterall, I've been making soap for a while, why would I need to "think" about it. Well, I was wrong :(

I rushed through so quick that at the last possible minute I realized that I didn't have the fragrance that I thought I had for one batch (I was splitting one batch in two) and for the other half I had put it in the mold and realized I didn't add the fragrance at all.

OMG! I panicked. I quickly added any ol fragrance to the one batch and to the other half I grabbed the fragrance I had intended to use and just stirred it in (no measuring, not even stirring it in completely. What was I thinking?????

Of course, I ended up with a yellow soap that smells like organges and the other half, well, I'm embarrassed to report that it turned BLACK in the area where I shoved in the fragrance. *sobbing uncontrollably over here.

But, to my surprise, I've asked several people to look at my yellow colored orange smelling soap and tell me what they think is wrong with it. Not a single person could figure it out. I had to point out IT IS YELLOW AND SMELLS LIKE ORANGES! The proverbial response was "Well, why does that matter?" LOL!! Well, as we all know, it really does matter but as long as they don't care I guess I can relax a bit.

Here is a picture of the yellow organge smelling soap. LOL! If anyone has any has advice on how to turn this mini disaster into a success, please let me know :)

Carrie Garvin said...

Oh my...have to brainstorm on this one! Gosh-it's soooo easy to forget this or that. I bet we all have done this.

Cutting off a piece? will be interesting to hear...

Michelle said...

I would go with rebatching as well although my experiences with rebatching have been nothing short of a failure :(

But I actually think it looks fine!

cindy said...

I think it looks cute, kind of like cake with a jello on top. And orange would be refreshing. Of course you must realize I have no idea on how to do any soap making, just using.

Michelle said...

I hadn't thought of that Cindy but your totally right. It does look like cake and jello.

Nappily Evah Aftah said...

I DEFINATELY would NOT rebatch. You're rebatching, JUST to make the color match the...scent?

Girl, that soap is GORGEOUS. Just call it "Sunny Citrus", and keep on truckin'.

I'm just sayin'... LOL!

Michelle said...

Thank you NEA for the tip!!

Your a genius :)

Emmy FNWL said...

How about naming it Orange Juice or Orange-Aid soap? Both of those are more orange than yellow. BTW, it is VERY pretty!

Michelle said...

Orange Aid is a great combination of yellow and orange! Thank you Emmy for the suggestion. Now I don't feel like the soap turned out so bad afterall :)