February 5, 2008

Every girl in my family now has their very own special billow. My friend Carrie over at UNDER THE WILLOW GIFTS BLOG sent my baby girl a billow for her birthday and included a surprise billow for me as well. It was such a treat to open the box and find not one but two beautiful handmade billows. They are really a great thing to have. I use mine to rest against when watching t.v., the kids take them everywhere including in the car for long rides. Baby has been fighting her older sister for her billow and now finally has her own. I wish I could say she was happy with just the one but she isn't, she goes around collecting them all for herself now. LOL!!!

Please visit carries online business UNDER THE WILLOW GIFTS where she sells her beautiful billows plus handmade soap and other handmade items. She puts a ton of thought into her handcrafted gifts and they are always a delight to receive.

Here is a special photo of my girls snuggled up together with their billows:

Michelle said...

I should add, for some reason my baby reminds me of E.T. when he was snuggled among the stuffed animals in the movie. LOL!!! Anyone remember that?

Carrie Garvin said...

Michelle---How sweet! Thank you for posting this precious picture. You have such beautiful girls. Gosh--E.T., now that's a movie from the past! What was the famous line from that movie..."Phone home" ??? I have that movie in video, but no player anymore. :)


cindy said...

Your daughters are gorgeous.