June 27, 2008

Where? Anna Maria Island. I had never heard of it until one of my stamping friends, Sharon, told me about it. Actually, she shared a bunch of pictures on INKSTAINERS FORUM and it seemed like a perfect place to visit for the family. We'd been talking about a short trip to the beach and Sharon was so kind as to hook us up with her favorite vacation spot and now that is where we are headed. I cannot wait to walk on white sand and see the beautiful blue water. Our family is in desperate need of a vacation. Hopefully we all come back refreshed and ready for life :) and.... with a few pictures to share.

xxoo to all my blogging buddies.

Carrie Garvin said...

Michelle~ Hope you have a wonderful, sunny, family great time!!! I have never heard of this area, so I look forward to hear about it. Share lots of pics!


Joanna Schmidt said...

Too bad you can't stop in for some latte and a soak. :) Enjoy the Florida weather. The beach was sparkling and magical today!

Michelle said...

I'm home, I'm home (jumping up and down). Yes, literally jumping (not a big fan of airplanes so I kissed the ground when I got home). It was great, Florida is beautiful, loved the island. I'll post more about it later once I get the film developed (digital camera flaked on me just when I needed it).

Hey Joanna, how far are you from Anna Maria Island? We are planning a return trip in the later winter, early spring of 2009 - would love to get together with you for coffee/tea??

I'm not sure of how many photos I took (mainly of kids on beach) but I'll definitely share. It was soooooo hot, I hunkered down inside until 4 pm each day just to avoid the heat. My baby girl couldn't take it as well as the older girls :(

Joanna Schmidt said...

It's about 4 hours away :(

I have been near there. Very peaceful indeed. I am glad you had a nice vacation.

We will meet one day at some soap gathering...