September 1, 2009

I rarely feel like I get anything done. I keep doing and doing and doing but have nothing to show for it. No, this isn't a whine fest, just seriously feel like I get nothing done. LOL!

Well, we harvested our veggies the other day and I must ask my domestic blogging friends a little question. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY HARVEST???

My onions were suppose to get big but they didn't. The largest was probably golf ball size and my celery is huge (length wise) but the stalks are super skinny.

I'm no master gardner but I do believe I did everything right. We have clay soil so to make it worthy of a veggie garden we built ourselves, with untreated cedar wood, a little garden bed. We put in organic soil, fertilizer and some other thing to make the soil breath (sorry, the name escapes me). Our tomatoes and strawberries came out fine, our cucumbers ripened very fast and were big enough for the jolly green giant to eat, but something went wrong with the onions and celery.

I do have a proud moment to share. My youngest child Aiyana is very much into fairies right now. I decided to make her a little fairy bag with fairy goodies inside (buttons, thimble, miniature trinkets, etc...) Not a unique idea in the least but one I knew would make her happy.

Um, since I no martha stewart or whatever I knew I'd have to find a tutorial for the bag. Can I sew? Sure, I know the basics. I know how to thread a bobbin, thread a sewing machine, push the pedal and do a basic stitch. Do I know sewing terminology? Not at all. Can I follow visual instructions? Absolutely.

I was fortunate enough to find this lined bag tutorial by HAPPY THINGS on the internet. I knew how to do a basic bag but had no clue how to line it so this tutorial was perfect. I hit a snag along the way but emailed the author of HAPPY THINGS begging for help, she responded right away, and I was able to finish my bag.

Here it is:

Don't worry, you can be honest. What do you think? It is my very first lined drawstring bag. I had a little issue on the casting, thread bunched up and all that baloney, but I blame the sewing machine and not myself. LOL! I'm just happy that baby Yana is happy. That makes it all perfect!
Anonymous said...

No advice on the celery and onions. Bag=cute!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what we think...what matters is that beautiful smile on your little one's face telling us that she loves!! it! =)

But, I am super, super impressed by your lined bag! Oh my gosh, am I ever! I've not attempted a lined bag before.

I need to consult dh about the veggies thing, but maybe you didn't plant the onions early enough? I'll ask him for ideas. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks T, your the best! The tag for the onions said to wait til the tops died and they all died but... you see how pathetic they look :(

Amy W said...

Can't help with the veggies either, but the bag is seriously great!

Anonymous said...

Hey again, I asked dh and he said that it could be just a small variety of onions, or it could be that you're growing a variety not appropriate to your zone. Where did you get the seeds or starts for these? He said that good seed catalogs will tell you what zone a veggie is appropriate for.

As for the celery, he has no idea (but he chuckled at them...sorry! LOL!). He suggest getting and growing different seeds next time. It's never happened to us before.

Michelle said...

Every year there is a thing called "the friends plant sale" and that is where we purchased our veggies. They were already mini plants when we bought them.

I know, aren't those celery pathetic. The worst part is none of us really like celery so why I purchased 3 plants is beyond me. I think I just wanted to see if I could grow them. LOL!

cindy said...

We have been reading about the small sized produce and they are blaming it on the weather being too cool this summer. Go figure. I know the apples on all of the trees around here are tiny, but yummy!!!

The bag and the baby are delightful~~~

Michelle said...

Thanks Cyd!! It makes sense, about the weather. Someone who grew up on a farm was telling me about her parents apple trees yesterday. Same situation, this year they didn't do very well. Seems contagious. It really has been a crazy summer.

Woman Interrupted said...

I'm jealous of your garden veggies.

Thumbs up on the cute little bag. I love it. You could do so many variations. Like make it taller and use it as a wine gift bag. Or add a handle and make it a purse.

Very cute!

Michelle said...

Thank you for the ideas!! The wine bag would be fun to make for a friend :)

koinonia community said...

me likee!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, we've had unseasonably cool weather this summer too (in fact, we joked that we switched weather with Vancouver), but our veggies have turned out quite nicely, and no smaller than usual. The only plants that didn't do well were the squash varieties - all killed off by vine borers.

Maybe next time you can ask at the "friends plants sale" where they get there seeds? :)