I went from crazy, over the top, ready to sell anything I could make business woman in the early 2000's to no business woman at all. After my mom died in 2007 my life took major turns. Some I was prepared for and some... well... not so prepared for. I tried holding onto the business end of myself but completely lost it. I didn't really want to make anything, just pretended like I did. I thought if I pretended than it really meant I wanted to but... we all know how that can go.

The last 2.5 years have been full of learning experiences. A lot has happened, most of which would bore you all so I won't share it. I've even had people come IN and then OUT of my life recently that strangely impacted my view of myself and my view of the world. I actually can say with 100% certainty that I'm happy and feel energized all over again. With that said, I'm back to business and for starters, I have a new improved permanent logo.

I've gone through a few logo changes and although the others were adorable I learned that the first wasn't copyrighted to me - which is no good, the 2nd was cute but cute isn't going to represent my business well. I ask the designer of my new logo to give me something whimsical but professional. I wanted a fairy but it had to look like a logo and not just a piece of art. She did great. More than great, it is perfect. Here it is:

I also have a new website but haven't quite uploaded anything yet. That will be the next step. Still trying to figure out the "cart" part of the site. Slowly but surely. I'm in school now and trying to get inventory stocked, so it will take a while.

The business card is all finished:

I've received multiple shipments of supplies and it is time to get really busy creating and marketing myself again. The good thing is, those who loved my products before still love them. Those who don't know them definitely will very soon :)
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