December 6, 2009

Seriously! I want to try and come up with some ingenius title for this blog post but my back hurts so bad that I can't think of anything else.
Why post? Um...because I hate letting so many days go between blog posts so I'm determined to at least share something.

Well, I managed to make a few things. Woohoo! < that is me giving myself a mini cheer. Someones gotta do it... right?!

Anyway... I made some bath bombs and several batches of soap. Being the perfectionist that I tend to be I'm only happy with one of the batches. All my cast-offs get sent away. I've found a couple newbies that are more than willing to take my cast-offs so it is a win-win situation. Ahem... Joy... Ahem... Angie.

Here is the Oatmeal & honey soap. I cannot wait for my beekeeping course. I felt cheated that I had to use someone elses honey. Some day it will be mine and I'll be OH SO PROUD! I love how honey naturally turns soap into a beautiful tan color.

My itty bitty bath bombs AND YES, they are itty bitty. I'm using the MINI BALLER that I purchased from FROM NATURE WITH LOVE and it works really well.

Now for family.

We headed out to Hansons Tree Farm, our annual tradition, and we chopped down our beautiful balsum fir tree. It smells wonderful. Of course hubby always does the cutting and we watch and complain about how dang cold it is. LOL! Then we head back to the fire and have some hot cocoa :)

When we got home the girls had fun decorating the tree.

and now I can't believe that Christmas Eve is just 18 days away. YIKES! Time to get off the computer and get working on wrapping.
Carrie Garvin said...

Sorry about your back--- they say give it three days--who has three days to heal????

What family fun--the pics are truly heart warming.

I know you're body products are going to be "stand-outs"~ I can't wait for your shop to open...

Anonymous said...

How did you hurt your back? I hope it doesn't hurt for long. Have you tried a hot pad on it?

I love the family photos of you guys getting and decorating the tree! You sure picked a beauty.

I'm sure your soap is amazing! Won't it be totally cool when it's your own honey in it? =)

Anne-Marie said...

Sorry about your back. I'm a big fan of acupuncture and yoga for my back pain (from sitting all day, I think??).

And, it does sound like you got a lot done anyways. The cutting of the tree photos made me wistful. Typically, my hubby and I always cut a tree down for our home but this year, we'll be away at Christmas so we're still on the fence about having a big tree. But, your photos may have just tipped us back over the edge in favor of cutting our own tree =)))

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies for the encouragement, I really appreciate it!!

So true Carrie. Wouldn't it be nice to just lay back for 3 days and relax :)

T, I'm hoping my back isn't injured. I'm thinking its that flu. I feel like I've been run over by a truck today. Hopefully it is just extremely sore. Per the hot packing: one of my staff gave me a corn bag to heat in the microwave, I shall try that today :) Have your tried those? They are like rice bags. Used one when I was in labor and they work great.

Anne Marie, I'd love to get back into yoga. I need to find the right class because that would feel so good. I admire your ability to always stay focussed and energized. I need more of that :) I would try acupuncture but I'm a big wimp when it comes to needles. LOL!

My favorite part about the tree is the smell. It reminds of snow shoeing through the woods in the winter.

cindy said...

Oh my the girls are getting so big and grown up. love the pictures. Hopefully this weekend we will get our tree up in the living room.

Amy W said...

Hope your back is've been awfully busy! We've never had a real fact we figured that our artificial one is about 17 or 18 years old!! Hubby says we can shop for a new one after Christmas this year. :)

Oils and soap said...

sorry for your back i hope you'll be back in shape soon:) . The soap looks pretty good:D. nice work. and Happy Holidays. may Santa gives you everything you want this year:D

Andee @ said...

I love the picture of your honey soap.

Beekeeping is very rewarding. Winter is the time when beekeepers prep their frames and hives for the next year. I hope you will enjoy your experience with beekeeping.