August 20, 2010

Sorry I haven't blogged lately. I'm busy back at school and honestly, the bees aren't doing much of anything right now. On July 31 I added a honey super to the three hive bodies because the top hive body was filled plum full of honey. Initially I put a queen excluder between the honey super and the top hive body but was advised to remove it since the queen isn't known to cross honey (so no risk that she'd go into the super and lay eggs). I removed the excluder on August 7. About 3 bees actually went through the excluder into the super. I checked a couple days ago and there were about a dozen bees in the super but they haven't drawn out a single frame. So... it looks like I won't be getting any honey this year. I'm not disappointed since I wasn't expecting it. Hopefully the girls make it through the winter and produce lots of honey next year :)
Jim said...

Glad to see the bees are doing well, and it sounds like you should be in good shape for the winter. My bees didn't do anything with the super last year either, except just draw out a few cells. Disappointing, but they really went to town this summer early, especially in June, and we will be harvesting at least a full medium super (maybe 40+ pounds) next week. So, next year you'll see the honey, for sure.

TeresaR said...

This sounded promising, but then I read your FB update and I'm all worried about the hive now! Hugs!