August 17, 2010

Hey bloggers!

I've decided to take a break from this blog for a while. I'm back in school studying aromatherapy (AGAIN)... this time I'm actually getting a degree in the program instead of a certificate and therefore will be able to use it for consulting and writing purposes. Woohoo! I'll actually know what I'm talking about. Anatomy and Physiology is a lot more involved than I anticipated and have lots and lots to focus on so I won't be able to blog anything too serious or facebook for a while. With my studies, my kids going back to school, my bees to take care of, and trying to get my website back up and running again, among a trillion other things, I'm just going to let this blog collect some dust for a bit. I look forward to coming back and reading what everyone else is up to on their blogs though.. hopefully when I'm on the run I can do that from my phone :)
Jennifer Young said...

Hello! You are living a dream of mine. I would loooove to go back to school and study Aromatherpy. Have a wonderful time. Enjoy every moment. Let us know how it goes. xo Jen

Ambra said...

Back to school is a lot of fun, so enjoy. Thank you for your posts so far and I hope you'll be back :)

Amy Warden said...

I hope everything goes well for you! Best wishes to you!!