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My one and only hive, slowly making it through winter, is about to face more complications.

Within a few days several feet of snow melted in the back yard. It doesn't help that #1 we sit in a bowl between our two neighbors and #2 our soil is pure clay. We put our hive in a location that allowed for a significant amount of sun (most of the yard is shaded) and an area that appeared to be nice and dry the past 2 winters. Well, this winter was quite different, for the entire nation. Now you can see that my yard and the pond beyond the fence have met and they are slowly making their way to the hive. I wouldn't be freaking if it weren't for the fact that the hive nearly toppled a couple days ago and we had to shore it up with some heavy logs we had on hand. Hubby purchased a strap to wrap around the hive just in case it falls, at least it will stay in tact. When I stand near the hive I sink up to my ankles in mud and water, that part is covered by snow now. I've gotten some good advice on the beesource as to how to handle this mess so today we'll be putting the strap on and renting a dolly to move the hive aside so we can place wood or brick underneath to keep it higher than the water level. Please, all of you reading, send positive energy to my little bees in hopes that they survive. They've come through the worst part of winter, they just have a couple weeks to go.
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