March 27, 2011

We had a good turn out at the rally for the right to know. Lot of great speakers and creative signs. I was surprised at how many people are TRULY dedicated to this cause especially on Saturday when it was only in the 20's, we were all freezing our butts off, but... we were all happy to be there fighting for what we believe in.

If we can't stop Monsanto and their insanity right now we can at least shoot for something more plausible, like having our food labels reflect whether or not the foods we eat contain Genetically Modified Organism's.

Organics vs. GMO's

GMO's: The Dangerous Experiment

Hybrid vs. GMO
Anonymous said...

You go, girl! What a wonderful example you're showing to your kids about the power of activism!

Dmarie said...

wow, love it that you are out there fighting the good fight!! I sent letters but it would be great to go out and join a rally. (just not happenin' in this region of Kentucky)

Unknown said...

Michelle -

Hi! i am an independent documentary filmmaker and would like to use one of your photos in my new film on future technologies.

How is the best way for me to contact you to discuss?