February 13, 2012

I'm not ready to give a full review on this yet. I've read it cover to cover but it really isn't that type of book. Inside are all these little tasks that I have yet to do. Each chapter has a set of random questions pertaining to a particular topic that I've not answered yet. Let's just say, it is a process. 


I'm trying to regain my creative spark and I thought/think this book might help. Oddly, it does seem to be good for me. Just going over what might have caused some of my "blocks" and being forced to think about it has made a difference.

Right now I'm working on rule #1Artist's Pages and rule #2Artist's Dates. The book says I need to write three pages of free flowing thought every day. I'll be honest...I got a bit lazy on that one. I'm starting over again tomorrow. The Artist's Date is much more of a challenge. The book says I need to take one day a week, about one hour, and devote it to myself. No family, no friends, no anything social. A walk in the park, a bike ride, visit a museum, etc... but nothing that really involves interaction. Well, I like being with my kids and my husband so for me to go anywhere alone is an effort so we'll just call that one a work in progress.

I'm being optimistic though. I'm telling myself that I'll complete the book and magically turn into a fantastic writer with tons of words to fill all the empty pages on my desk.

That was rule #3: Positive Self-Talk :)
TeresaR said...

I think you're doing great already! Just reading the book, knowing what you need to do, and trying your darndest to do those things already makes you a better artist (writer). :)

I never could do the Artist's Dates either. You know I'm always here if you need pep talks, commiserations, and virtual hugs!

Michelle said...

Thanks T! You've already been so VERY helpful. I wouldn't be writing again if it weren't for you. I appreciate your friendship so much :). Those Artists dates go the way of New Years Resolutions. Good in theory but never really happen. Lol!

TeresaR said...

Awww, I appreciate your friendship too! You've done just as much for me in return. :)

SoapSudsations said...

Good for you! I was reading a book on being crafty/creative and it also talked about writing a journal everyday. As a non-writer and someone with very little to say at the best of times I was thinking, are you kidding me? So I totally applaud you on rising to the challenge. It's like dieting right, you skip it every once in a while, but you keep working at it.

Does sleep time count as time alone? ;) I'm sure you're well on your way to becoming a great writer.

Michelle said...

Haha! Yes, it is just like dieting! The hardest part with those morning pages is that they MUST be written in the morning. I'm more of a night writer but... nope... they HAVE to be written in the morning. Funny part is, it works. My mind seems more clear throughout the day now that I write in the morning but... like that diet, I missed doing them today :( Hopefully I'll get there and see lots more progress.

Thanks for your positivity and encouragement!