February 13, 2012

(Sorry about the picture quality. The iphone at night in a dim lit kitchen does NOT make for the best photos).

I'm so excited to share that my new soap from Soap Sudsations arrived today and included in the box was something extra. Thank you Monica for the wonderful soap and the extra special frog that made the trip alongside our little green buddy. 

I could barely get our frog out of the package before my 5 year old made off with it. She's running around the house with Mr. Frog right now calling "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit." I chose this particular soap because it goes so well with the kids bathroom. Not that the soap will last very long once little bodies hit the tub but I had great visions of it sitting on the counter for a while next to the frog toothbrush holder and in the midst of the frog shower curtain. Ah well :) The frog soap is being loved and shortly it will be rubbed down to tadpole size.

If you are in the market for some awesome handmade soaps please check out Soap Sudsations. Monica, the owner, is a fabulous soap artist selling numerous fun, creative soaps for children & adults. While you are checking out her soaps don't forget to visit her blog Bubbles in My Head where she talks about her business ventures and other interesting things.

Note: now my 5 year old has taken the soap and is using it to play dolls with her LaLa Loopsy. Who knew, right? lol!
Carrie Garvin said...

Aren't they the cutest soaps? I sent some to my grand girls from Soap Sudsations, and they LOVED them! My favorite are the animal type soaps- especially since it's great they are nature related.


Teresa Robeson said...

You are so sweet to write this post for my sister! And I'm LOL at your little one for playing with it. ;D

Michelle said...

I love nature themed soaps too. Monica makes such cute ones!

Teresa, she is still playing with it. I'm not sure I can convince her to use it in the tub. I think he's being used as a frog prince right now. Lol!

SoapSudsations said...

I need more than a like button here, I need a ♥button, as in I ♥ your post and all the lovely things you said. I'm blushing!

I'm glad your kids are enjoying the soaps and using them for more than just washing up. Now that's smart!

Michelle said...


The soap finally made it to the tub. It took a couple days but the little frog finally made it to open water. LOL!