August 23, 2014

Back in 2007 my friend Carrie over at Under the Willow presented me with a digital Mud Puddle Girl award (see original post about that HERE).

Carrie had her own line of Mud Puddle Girl products and the idea, I believe, came from having her own little Mud Puddle Girls (granddaughters). So... I was very honored when she presented me with the above award, so much that I still haven't forgotten about it. The other day I was standing at the screen door watching the rain pour down when it popped into my head.  I thought... when did I stop being a mud puddle girl and how can I be that girl again? I told my 7 year old to get her rain coat on and we headed outside to play in the rain. I had no idea how much she would love it. I told her how when I was a kid we'd always play in the rain and I didn't know why when we reached a certain age we stopped. As we played in the ankle deep water we sang and danced to the rain Gods, Walayka and Thul we named them (Aiyana said we had to combine water + lake and thunder + lightening), and we got soaked. I, being the old one, gave up before Aiyana did but it felt good to play outside and teach my daughter how great it is to be a Mud Puddle Girl.  Thank you Carrie!!

Epicure68 said...

I love this MIchelle! The Mud Puddle Girl award is great and it is definitely you!

You and Aiyana look like you had a fabulous time and this whole post made me smile. Kudos to you for remembering to enjoy the simple things in life.

Teresa Robeson said...

You two are adorable, playing in the rain like that! We never played in the rain because in Vancouver, the rain was cold. ;)

Carrie Garvin said...

This warms my heart!!! The pictures really capture so much fun-- great fun! I hope it encourages more people to "just let it go" and do what they want- capture the moment. Neat!

It was so cool to read this blog---made my day/night/week!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks ladies! It was lots of fun. I did start to shiver after about an hour but you know kids, they can last forever. Luckily the rain was pretty warm so Aiyana could stay out and enjoy it. She now tries to get me out every time it rains. Lol!!