September 7, 2014

Maya and I attended the yearly Herb Festival in Cannon Falls this weekend.  It was great to see Lise Wolff again (I have taken classes from her in the past) and it was fun to learn new things. I only had one negative experience, a single instructor that clearly didn't belong there (had her group drinking essential oils, putting several undiluted eos on the skin, referred to Robert Tisserand as Robert Tisserude and revealed she was a practitioner of raindrop therapy - among other things), aside from that though the rest of the festival was awesome.  Can never get bored learning and talking about medicinal plants :-)  (note: anyone that knows anything about the use of essential oils will know why I count that one instructor as a negative).

The day was beautiful, sun shining and temp was perfect.  Here is some pix from the day:

Farm in Cannon Falls

Maya: Farm in Cannon Falls



Stinging Nettle (or burn weed)

Lise Wolff educating the group

Wild Cucumber

Creeping Charlie
Mothers Wort

Wild Violet

Teresa Robeson said...

Creeping Charlie and Japanese stiltgrass are taking over our property. Ugh. I guess we should try and do something with Creeping Charlie; what did they suggest you do with that?

What a fun and beautiful day that looks like!

Michelle said...
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Michelle said...

Ugh! I confused two plants in my last post so I had to delete it.

Unfortunately it wasn't Lise walking us around to show us our last bunch of medicinal plants, we had a different woman that admitted she wasn't very comfortable speaking to groups so she kinda rushed through. She said creeping charlie is good for hives but it wasn't one of the herbs we studied when I took the medicinal herb cert course under Matthew Alfs and we focussed on 300 herbs so I am thinking it probably isn't the most beneficial. There are all kinds of great tips for creeping charlie on the net but you know how that goes.

Wish I knew more about it to pass on but I don't :(

Michelle said...

Oh, it is an edible though. I can't tell you the vitamin content since I've not learned enough about edibles yet to say what the nutritional benefit of each herb is but the woman showing us this particular herb likes edibles more than medicinals and she made the point to say it was an edible.

Michelle said...
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Epicure68 said...

Looks like a great time! Even just seeing your post I've learned more about plants (and promptly forgot everything again, but at least for a moment I learned something new). Hope you got lots out of that course and maybe you'll even end up using some in your soaps? ;)

The raindrop therapy is kinda scary though, I was just reading on one of the FB soaping groups how dangerous that is and how people have died from it.

Michelle said...


I wish all of my soap making friends had been in the room with me when that woman had everyone put the eo's on their body undiluted. No one even knew what was in the eo's because they were blends that she just passed around. It was odd to say the least. She's newbie in the aromatherapy world according to her bio and her only training on it comes from an organization connected to Young Living Oils and they are all practitioners of the Raindrop Therapy. I smell a lawsuit against her in the future if she continues on her current path.