October 8, 2014

Yesterday we went to the Minnesota Science Museum to check out the Monarch exhibit.  If it wasn't for a time constraint I could have stayed in the butterfly house all day, as it was we had to bribe Aiyana with better things to come just to get her to leave.  

Who knew insects could be so fascinating but I'm finding myself more and more interested in learning about them, and not just the pretty ones either.

Mating pair.

Apparently I am the only one who thought this was fascinating. Mating butterflies. Maya kept telling me to stop taking pictures but I thought it was cool to see.

Monarch (male) - the swollen pouches (circles/balls) along the veins near the ends of it wings tells you it is a male.

Painted Lady Butterfly hitching a ride on Aiyana's head.

Maya and Monarch posing for the camera.

Painted Lady Butterfly

Monarch (female) having a conversation with my husband.  I think she had a crush on him :P

Teresa Robeson said...

I love those photos, especially the ones of your family with butterflies perched on them! I'm glad you didn't listen to Maya and kept taking pictures. :)

Michelle said...

T, it was kinda funny. I yelled to Aiyana to come quick, see the butterflies making babies and she says "moooooommmm, they are mating." LOL!

Epicure68 said...

Even while mating they're very elegant. Great pictures Michelle, and learning about the birds and the bees (or in this case, the butterflies) is just part of life. ;)

The Painted Lady Butterfly is beautiful, love that close up shot you took of it. What a great family outing.